2022 Yearly Round-Up πŸš€ : The Plus Addons for Gutenberg + Feedback Survey

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We’re coming to the end of a fantastic year and looking forward to the one ahead. 2022 has been a rollercoaster of work and success for us here at The Plus Addons for Gutenberg, and we’re grateful to be surrounded by such a great community.

At the end of the email, we have a completely anonymous feedback survey that takes 2-3 mins. We would be grateful if you could share how we are doing up to now.πŸ™‚

This year, we made a total of 31 version releases (FREE & Pro combined), 21 Gutenberg Blocks, added 66 functionalities in existing blocks, addressed around 30 compatibility issues so that you enjoy a smoother editing experience and overall  100+ improvement & updates in the current setup. This couldn’t have been possible without your constant feedback and suggestions via live chat and helpdesk support. 

We redesigned our main website with updated layouts to make it easier for you to find our blocks; very soon, we plan to replace icons with visual graphics to make it easy to understand the design demos. Along with it, a single place to view all blocks with search and filters.

Achievements and Milestones ✌🏻

2022 accomplishments tpag-min

That’s not it, 

  • This year we promised to plant 1 tree for every purchase or license upgrade from our store 🌳 #OneEarth. And we added some more to it and successfully planted the promised trees this year.
  • We published 40+ Blogs, 50+ Documentation, 200+ Social Media Posts, 70+ YouTube Videos, and 35+ Email Newsletters (And we will double down on publishing helpful content in the coming year πŸ˜‰)

Best 5-Star Reviews of 2022πŸ₯°

We added more than 20+ 5-Star reviews. Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback with us. If you haven’t yet, please share your words here. We genuinely love to hear from you, which keeps us motivated πŸ’«.

best tpag feedback in 2022 1
best tpag feedback in 2022 2

Bigger Team πŸ’ͺ🏻

We grew this year, both in users’ love as well as in the team. We added 15 new teammates, which is a whopping 100% increase in team size than the last year.

I am sure you must have seen a significant improvement with our support, design, and performance upgrade this year and more in the coming months. This couldn’t have been possible without our new family members. πŸ’–

We’re Hiring. If you would like to join our mission to make the web easier for everyone with Gutenberg Page builder, then send us your CV with your special skill at [email protected]

Major Changes in 2022 with The Plus Addons for GutenbergπŸ“ˆ

What you will see in 2023 πŸ‘€

2022 was just the tip of the iceberg, and the following year will be full of unexpected additions!

  • Login Registration & Password Form  – This will help you make the most customizable login form for WordPress with Social login etc., for membership or WooCommerce Store
  • 15+ Ajax Filters – After our Ajax search bar, we jump to Ajax filters with 15+ field types for WooCommerce products, CPT, or blog posts
  • Advanced Horizontal & Full-Page Scroll – Create mesmerizing full-page scrolling animation joining reusable blocks in series 
  • Facebook & Google Event Tracker – Do you run ads? Then this one is for you! You can track button clicks, form submissions, etc., and send data to your Google Analytics or FB Pixel.
  • 360 Image Rotations – Go to your website media files, as our 360 image rotation block will make it easy to embed 360 degrees images.
  • SVG Animation Block – Get over basic static icons, and show them with animated effects on your website. This block is something you don’t wish to miss out on.
  • Major Performance Upgrades – We are working on many blocks to revamp its features + make it more optimized for your greens in web vitals. 

What Else?

  • Rewritten Docs – We are rewriting our docs from scratch with easy-to-understand English, step-by-step instructions, and more video and GIF content to make things easily scannable.
  • More YouTube Content – 2022 has been great as we completed 1 Million views on YouTube. And this year, we will continue to publish more video/shorts content on WordPress Gutenberg with The Plus Addons for Gutenberg.
  • Active on Social Media & FB Community – Keeping no stone unturned, we will be more active on our social media channels. You can mention us to share your experience while using the product or get essential non-technical support.
  • Quality Emails – This year, we started our Monthly newsletter has been an enormous success, where we could often communicate with you to share necessary updates. Our recent series of #KnowYourAddon made you aware of the hidden powers of our addon.
  • Our Nexter Theme Power-ups – This year, we onboarded a lot of Nexter users who leverage the inbuilt Theme builder, Security option, Performance settings, etc. We replaced multiple plugins just by using our Theme. 2023 will be the year of Nexter!
  • New Product Launch: WDesignKit The missing block in our ecosystem after the Theme is Templates, launching next month. This product will have 100s or prebuild Gutenberg Templates build using The Plus Addons for Gutenberg & WordPress Gutenberg Builder. That’s not it, it will have cloud storage and a custom blocks builder of its own.

Need your Feedback 🎯

We need your help to know how we’re doing; it’s been a long journey. And we would love to know how The Plus Addons for Gutenberg has been helpful so far. This will help us plan future improvements. Every user is important to us, and we need your opinions to shape the future of this Addon.

This survey is completely anonymous, takes 2-3 mins, and has a special gift. We’re grateful for your feedback.

Top News of the Year πŸ—žοΈ

With a lot of new changes and events happening in the world of WordPress, these were some of the significant developments.

  • WP Engine acquired 5 plugins β€” Delicious Brains sold 5 plugins to WP Engine, which includes ACF, WP Migrate, and more. We bet you have used at least one of these plugins in the past!
  • Paid plugin subscriptions can now be bought directly through WordPress.com β€” This marks a new era in the WordPress community as their idea of being an all-in-one solution is still their focus! Yoast is to be the first among others that can be bought directly on WordPress.com!
  • Cloudways acquired by DigitalOcean β€” This news came out like thunder from clear skies! Cloudways has worked closely with DigitalOcean since 2014, but there were no hints that the two will merge.
  • PHP 7.4 Support Ended on November β€” PHP 7.4 End of Life is on the horizon as the PHP version will stop receiving any security updates from November 28, 2022. With over 60% of all websites written in PHP still using the final version of the PHP 7 release branch, this is particularly huge for the internet community.

That’s it, folks – it’s our last email for 2022!

We wish you Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2023! Enjoy your holiday with family and friends!

Stay Safe, and Take Care!

CEO Sagar Patel
The Plus Addons for Gutenberg