July Newsletter – Month Summary 2022

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So finally, the big update release week is here!

You will be seeing the handiest missing features which you always wanted in Gutenberg. For now, we’ll just tell you that we will be having 8 unique blocks 24+ major improvements, and bug fixes!

Hold tight, as you will be receiving my next mail with the complete list of changes this week!

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We are making a group of active users of The Plus Addon of Gutenberg, who wish to actively share feedback with our team. Every opinion & suggestion matter to shape the future of the product. We are looking forward to your constructive feedback! Above all, you will enjoy perks and free agency plan license upgrades on valuable suggestions!

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Do you see mixed HTTPS warning on your browser console?

You can verify by using this tool. If you see a red alert, then you should fix this soon, as mixed HTTPS can compromise your website privacy and track user activity.

Search and Replace option is something that you’ll have to use sooner or later.

Moreover, this is also handy, when moving your WordPress site to a new domain or server, you will likely run into a need to run a search/replace on the database for everything to work correctly.

There are multiple plugins that can help with this, but ultimately the best one is Better Search Replace.


Backend interface for Better Search Replace Plugin

Their interface is super simplistic, and the best thing about the plugin is that once you’re done with it, you can delete it, so it doesn’t take unnecessary space on your server.

Check out Better Search Replace Plugin!

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New Buzz of The WordPress city are:

Paid plugin subscriptions can now be bought directly through WordPress.com β€” This definitely marks a new era in the WordPress community as their idea of being an all-in-one solution is still their focus! Yoast is to be the first among others that can be bought directly on WordPress.com!

Redesign Plan for WordPress.org homepage β€” Got any ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments, as the discussion is on fire!

WordPress.com Ends Recent Pricing Experiment, Reverts to Previous Model β€” Huge respect for companies who are listening to their customers!

WooCommerce Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2022 β€” Very interesting and frankly unexpected results on these benchmarks!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Nulled Plugins and Themes β€” in Patchstack’s Weekly Listen, they explain thoroughly are benefits and downsides of nulled plugins and themes, so make sure to check that out!

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Feedback such as this means the world to us because we invested so much love and effort into making this β€” we appreciate you! Let us know how our product helped you!

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Images play a huge role in your website performance but also in SEO. Therefore, you should always make sure they are optimized and converted to WEBP or AVIF.

Shortpixel is definitely the best solution for that because image compression doesn’t have to mean reduced quality!

Get one of their plans and improve your website speed with the next-gen format of images!

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WP Engine acquired ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), would you continue to use ACF or go for alternatives?

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