How to make Line, Bar, Radar, Pie Chart, Polar Area and Bubble Graph for Survey Stats in Gutenberg [Video Tutorial]

Updated on July 5, 2023 by Editorial Team

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In this WordPress tutorial, we will see how to create Advance WordPress Charts and Graph like Pie, Line, Bar, Radar, Polar Bubble Graph for Survey, Stats in Gutenberg Block Editor. Create data visualization graph with area and multiple colour shades and styles. Responsive Charts with interactive elements to show the appropriate data.

Best WordPress charts and graphs Plugin which works with any theme with ninja speed.

Live Widget Demo –

Add Charts & Graphs on WordPress like:

1. Line Charts
2. Horizontal Bar Chart
3. Vertical Bar Chart
4. Radar Chart
5. Pie/ Doughnut Chart
6. Polar Area Chart
7. Bubble Scattered Chart

How to Choose the Correct Chart type –

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