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Global Special Effects

Looking for some amazing effects for each widget? Now, You can use mouse move based parallax in Gutenberg widgets, Special Scroll Overlay dual color effects, Tilt 3D Hover Effects, and Continuous animation effects in Gutenberg widgets.

Mouse Move Parallax

Special Scroll Overlay Effects

Tilt 3D Hover Effects

Continuous Effects

Special On Scroll Overlay Color

High Performance
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Infobox :- Overlay color : #f7d782, #6fc784

Button :- Overlay color : #f40800, #6fc784

Image Cascading :- Overlay color : #ff5a6e, #3882f7

Mouse Hover Parallax

Button :- Move scroll speed : X = 80, Y = -80

Image :- Move scroll speed : X = 28, Y = -28

Tilt 3D Effect

Creative Image Simple Tilt

Number Counter Hover + Tilt


Welcome to ThePlus

Heading Title 3D Tilt Variatios

Continuous Effect

Button :- Floating Duration time : 0.8

Image :- Rotating Duration time : 43.9