Advanced Mouse Cursor

Create animated cursor styles on your WordPress website to engage your users by using the Advanced cursor block for Gutenberg.

Multiple Cursor Types

Image / Icon / Text Options

All Web Predefined Style Options

Ultimate Design Options

Creative Image
Swipe Left 👈

Change Mouse Cursor Icon Normal & Link Tag

You can use this in any section to make it look better in terms of UX or just for fun in Gutenberg page builder.

Cursor Follow Image/Gif

Cursor Follow Typography

Complete Cursor Replacement With Image/Gif

Blend Mode Cursor

Body Progress Cursor

Unique Border Based Cursor

With Unlimited Possibilities!

Use me Creatively 🤠

Check Blend Mode Cursor
On This Section

5+ Unique Mouse cursor Styles. Cursor Image, Follow Cursor, Cursor Follow Text, Blend Mode & More

Improve your UX or use for Fun

We have worked hard to make your all web dreams fulfilled. You just need to think and our set of designs, development options and robust framework will help you to achieve that with pride. You now can create the way you want with tons of options and lots of possibilities. You can just make yourself ready with an intuitive backend in few time.

Click on any Image


Cursor with border, Give it a try and Your visitors will love it.

Lots of cursor types in one block of Gutenberg to build the most amazing websites with a unique look and feel. This will improve UX drastically of your Gutenberg-based WordPress website.


Check Body Scroll Mouse Cursor 👇🏻

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Important Features Provided By Social Reviews

Create an elegant Shadow effect with a professional touch.

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Still, have any questions in mind ?
Not at all, we have a smart optimized asset delivery method where only 1 CSS and 1 JS will load, to reduce unnecessary extra code bloat.
We are the 1st Elementor Addon to bring you the power of unused widget’s scanner for both Elementor and The Plus widgets, using which you can disable all the unused widgets in one click. Which will complete deregistering the code for other widgets as if they never existed. See Live Demo
Set transparency and blur parameters using the slider for any widget background from that widget’s The plus extras settings.
Yes, the social review is a free extra option of the Plus addons for elementor.
Yes, the social review is a free extra option of the Plus addons for elementor.