Social Feed

Fetch feed automatically from your social media accounts and get it displayed on your website easily with the best social media block for WordPress. Display your social feed without any headache, just grab your Auth keys and get it done here.

Easy & Flexible Installation

Pre-Built Layouts

Most Advanced Performance Framework

Multiple Social Media Platform Support

TPAG Single Page Image

Facebook Feed

Display Unlimited Posts

Options For Personal / Page Feed

Album Creation Support

Choose Between Photo / Video / Status


Instagram Feed

Personal / Business Account Feed Display

User Feed / Hashtags / Mentions Feed Type

On-Click FancyBox With Tons Of Customization Options

Responsive Column Management

Twitter Feed

Wide Range of Feed Options

Media / Retweet / Comment Replies

Direct Links To Official Auth Key Generation

Separate Feed By Categories


YouTube Feed

Numerous Feed Options

Play Your Playlist Direct From YouTube

Direct Video Search

Manage Responsive Layouts

Vimeo Feed

Wide Range Of Feed Options

Direct Search Option

Separation With Category

With Advanced Motion Effects


Multi Social Feed

Combination Of All the Social Media Feeds

Multiple Layout Options Like Carousel, Masonry, X-Column, etc.

Flexible Ordering

Individual Customization Options For Each Social Media

Important Features Provided By Social Feed

Create an elegant Shadow effect with a professional touch.

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Not at all, we have a smart optimized asset delivery method where only 1 CSS and 1 JS will load, to reduce unnecessary extra code bloat.
We are the 1st Elementor Addon to bring you the power of unused widget’s scanner for both Elementor and The Plus widgets, using which you can disable all the unused widgets in one click. Which will complete deregistering the code for other widgets as if they never existed. See Live Demo
Set transparency and blur parameters using the slider for any widget background from that widget’s The plus extras settings.
Yes, the social review is a free extra option of the Plus addons for elementor.
Yes, the social review is a free extra option of the Plus addons for elementor.