Social Reviews

Showing reviews from past customers is the best way to get someone’s trust. The Social Reviews block will automatically connect your social media reviews to your website. Saves you time and a whole lot of effort.

Multiple Layouts

SEO Friendly

Advanced Caching Architecture

Easiest Integration with Best Customization

Creative Image

Facebook Review

Display Unlimited Facebook Page Reviews

Multiple Design & Layout Options

One-Click Access Token Generation

Real Time Integration


Google Review

Display Unlimited Google Reviews

Multiple Text Display Options

Sort Them as You Like

Real-Time Integration

Facebook Badge

Unlimited Design Options

One-Click Access Token Generation

Recommendation Options

Load More & Pagination Integrated


Google Badge

Get Reviews Directly From The Website

Recommendation Options

Pre-Built Styles & Layout Options

Load More & Pagination Options

Reviews Wall

Display Unlimited Reviews Combined

Choose Between Review / Badge

Merge Facebook / Google / Custom Reviews

Filter Reviews By Categories


Watch a Quick Video Tutorials

Important Features Provided By Social Reviews

Create an elegant Shadow effect with a professional touch.

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Not at all, we have a smart optimized asset delivery method where only 1 CSS and 1 JS will load, to reduce unnecessary extra code bloat.
We are the 1st Elementor Addon to bring you the power of unused widget’s scanner for both Elementor and The Plus widgets, using which you can disable all the unused widgets in one click. Which will complete deregistering the code for other widgets as if they never existed. See Live Demo
Set transparency and blur parameters using the slider for any widget background from that widget’s The plus extras settings.
Yes, the social review is a free extra option of the Plus addons for Gutengerb.
Yes, the social review is a free extra option of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.