Scroll Sequence

Create continuous scrolling animation in sync of image or video frames to show mesmerizing website experience.

Works with Images

Fast Progressive Loading

100% Responsive

TPAG Single Page Image

Image based Cinematic Scroll Animation

Craft apple website like Scroll animations based on Image Scroll, which is responsive as well as cross browser supported using Scroll Sequence block of Gutenberg in WordPress Block Editor.

Craft Advanced Scroll Sequence

Craft using your end less imagination using WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor for Image and Video Scroll sequence. It’s made for non technical users to have whole process super smooth using WordPress and Gutenberg.

Lazy Load for Performance
Decide how many images you want to load at the load time of website and rest will be loaded on first scroll.
SEO Optimised
Images are optimised for SEO with proper naming and with lazy load features based on scroll method for better performance.
Use Any Block on Top
You can use any WordPress Gutenberg block on top of this background scroll sequence with all animations and effects.
Lightweight Assets
Less than 100 KB Pure Vanilla JS used for best possible performance by keeping assets lightest possible.
Cross Browser Compatibility
Tested for MAC and Windows OS on top of that all popular mobile OS. Works fine in all popular web browsers too.
100% Responsive
Tested Cross browser in Mobile Devices as well as works in different screen sizes with 100% in depth responsive setup.
Gutenberg Compatibility
Tested with Gutenberg blocks and which can be added on top of this with background scroll sequence.
Unlimited Usage
Use for unlimited images per page and multiple in one page without any limits.

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What is possible to build?

Note : Above websites are just for reference of possibilities. It’s not made by The Plus Addons nor 100% possible with our addons. It’s just to show reference of Image Scroll Sequence.

We have the answers you need

Still, have any questions in mind ?
Yes. You can create website like apple using our image scroll sequence block made for Gutenberg aka block editor for WordPress.
You need to use our “Scroll Sequence” Block for Gutenberg aka block editor for WordPress. First steps is having all your images ready for image sequence. Then Upload them on WordPress Gallery or on FTP folder. And then configure block with connections and settings.
We have tested Image Sequence in all devices and browsers, It works perfectly fine. All browsers and OS have different ways of rendering so it might varies on different devices but working smoothly on all. Now, About Video Scroll Sequence as a Background Sequence, It’s having issues in Windows and Android phones. That’s why it’s on beta version now. We will update it further soon.
If you have Images ready for each frame, Which is great and You just need to compress it if you want best possible performance. If you want quality and do not want to compress, We have option of smart preloading in which you can select how many images you want on first page load and rest will be loaded on scrolling of website.
If you have video and want to use that in Image Scroll Sequence, You may use tool like. EzGIF to convert Image in to video based on your requirements and Use that on website.