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Any Gutenberg Block or menu now in a stylish way with the unique variations of Off Canvas Gutenberg Block. Many customization options make it unique and multi purpose in all Gutenberg addons.

300+ Customization Options

Most Unique Off Canvas Variations

Based on “Design the way you want” Philosophy

Unlimited Possibilities

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Popup On Page Load

Use as a Cookie Concent popup, Age Gate or plan your own recipe.

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Off Canvas Options

Reveal Content

Slide Open

Push Content

Corner Box

Slide Along Content

Position Variations

Hamburger Icon Styles

Fixed Position

Scroll Bar Options

Close Button Options

Model Popup Options

Image Content

Gutenberg Template

iFrame Content

Work with any Block

In Out Animations

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Set Trigger to See Popup in Action

Page Load

On Click

On Scroll

Exit Inlet

Scroll to Element

After Inactivity

Find Some Extra Ordinary Conditions

After X Page Views

Arriving from Specific URL

On Any Other Element’s Click

For Specific Time Interval

Show X Times per User

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Collection of 25+ Ready to use & Unique Layouts

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