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Make your website’s header stay at the top of the page as visitors scroll down, ensuring easy access to navigation menus and important links.

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There are many different awesome features in the plugin that other plugins do not have. When I decided to rebuild my ecommerce site with Gutenberg, I started researching Gutenberg add-ons. I tried several different products but was not satisfied.The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg was a excellent match for my complex and multi-functional e-commerce site that I wanted to rebuild. Thank you so much!
~ @onurozden

Frequently Asked Questions

Our WordPress Login block offers a range of features, including Social Login options like Google & Facebook, Google reCAPTCHA, Custom Fields, Password Reset form, Custom Email notifications, and MailChimp Connections.
Yes, our WordPress Login block offers customization options to change the appearance of the login and registration forms.
Yes, our WordPress Login block is designed to be compatible with other WordPress plugins and themes.
Yes, we offer support if you encounter any issues or have questions about our Login block.
Yes, our WordPress Login block allows users to redirect to a specific page after login.
Yes, our WordPress Login block is GDPR compliant and offers options to collect and manage user data in compliance with GDPR regulations.
Using Social Login options like Google & Facebook on your WordPress site makes the login process easier and faster for users, potentially increasing conversions and reducing cart abandonment.
A Passwordless Login feature eliminates the need for users to remember and enter passwords, improving the login experience and potentially increasing website security.