5 Best Testimonial WordPress Plugins [Build Trust]

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Customer reviews are crucial to your success. They provide social proof and help potential customers make informed decisions. But how do you display these reviews on your WordPress website? The answer is with Testimonial WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Testimonial plugins allow you to display customer reviews and testimonials on your website. They come with a range of features, from simple display options to more advanced features like review management and social proof integration. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top testimonial WordPress plugins that can help you effectively display customer feedback on your website.

Key Takeaways

  • Testimonial plugins are essential for displaying customer reviews and testimonials on your WordPress website.
  • There are a variety of testimonial plugins available, each with its own set of features and benefits.
  • When choosing a testimonial plugin, consider your business needs and the features that are most important to you.
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    What are Testimonial WordPress Plugins?

    Testimonial WordPress plugins allow you to display customer feedback, Google reviews, Instagram reviews, FaceBook reviews, and testimonials on your website.

    Testimonial WordPress Plugins

     Testimonial Plugin Demo From The Plus Blocks of Gutenberg

    These Testimonial Widgets make it easy to add testimonial sliders to your website without any coding knowledge. 

    They provide a simple way to showcase social proof and build trust with your website visitors. Testimonials slider plugin helps you display customer feedback in a variety of formats. 

    They allow potential customers to see what others have experienced with your product or service. Adding testimonials helps in building authority and trust among your site’s visitors.

    Best Testimonial WordPress Plugins Compared

    Here are the best WordPress Testimonial Plugins you should consider.

    Sl noPluginsPrice Starting at
    1Testimonials Listing By The Plus Block of GutenbergFree + $39/yr
    2Strong Testimonials$23/yr
    3Testimonial Slider$16/yr
    4Real Testimonials$39/yr
    5Super testimonials$29/yr

    1. Testimonial Listing By The Plus Block of Gutenberg

    Testimonial Listing by The Plus Blocks of Gutenberg is the best WordPress testimonial plugin. It allows you to add a Testimonial slider directly to your website without any coding knowledge.

    This plugin offers a range of layouts like Grid, Mansory, and Carousel layout. It has multiple carousel .options like center mode, Normal mode, Wheel Navigation & Keyboard Navigation Carousel

    It also has an amazing typography option like font style, font color, etc. This Testimonial Plugin also has multiple scrolling animations which makes your testimonials look interactive and attractive. 

    You can give a 3D look and feel to your testimonials by using its 3D tilt feature.

    Using The Plus Blocks of Gutenberg you can also embed social media reviews like 

    Facebook reviews, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews Badge, and Google Reviews Badge in your website. Also, you can place all your social reviews in one place on a Reviews wall.

    It also has a live copy-paste domain feature in which you can simply copy the desired testimonial style from our pre-designed demo page and directly paste it to your web page.

    Key Features of Testimonial Listing by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

    • Multiple display options: You can display your testimonial in Grid, Mansory, and carousel layout
    • Multiple reviews: It allows you to embed multiple reviews from various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.
    • Multiple scrolling options: It has multiple scrolling options which allow visitors to scroll and read through long testimonials easily and make it more visually appealing.
    • Tooltip(PRO): Add extra information on hover or click on any block/section with text, media, or reusable block templates.
    • On scroll animations: This feature adds animations to the testimonial carousel, which helps in making your testimonial look more engaging and eye-catchy
    • Advanced Border Radius(PRO) – Go beyond simple radius borders and create custom shaped border based on 8 parameters.Choose from predesign shapes or create your own
    • Multiple carousel mode: It has Normal carousel mode, Center carousel mode and Wheel navigation and keyboard navigation carousel which helps visitors to browse through multiple testimonials easily
    • Custom fields: You can add custom fields to your testimonials, such as the reviewer’s name, photo, and website URL.
    • 3D Tilt(PRO): This feature gives an amazing 3D look and feel to your testimonials
    • Content Hover Effect(PRO): This feature adds a hover effect to the testimonial content, which makes it more interactive and engaging.
    • Shortcode support: You can easily integrate testimonials on your page and post using shortcodes
    • Continuous Animation(PRO): This feature allows you to create a continuous animation effect like Floating, Pulse, etc, making it easy to draw attention to your testimonials.
    • Display Rules: This feature allows you to control when and where your testimonials are displayed, ensuring that they are shown to the right visitors at the right time.

    If you’re an Elementor page builder user, then check out the Testimonial Widget from The Plus Addons for Elementor.

    Pricing of Testimonial Listing by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

    The Testimonial Listing By The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is free with limited features. It also comes with a pro plan starting at $39/yr for 1 website, $79/yr for 5 websites, and $169/y for unlimited websites. Also, there is a lifetime access plan where you have to pay only once. 

    2. Strong Testimonials

    The Strong Testimonials plugin is a great option. It allows you to easily collect and publish testimonials or reviews. This plugin has been refined over four years based on user feedback and requests, making it a flexible and reliable choice for both beginners and pros.

    Key Features of Strong Testimonials

    • Import Reviews from Multiple Platforms: Streamline the collection of reviews from popular platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Zomato, and WooCommerce.
    • Automated Testimonial Management: Utilize our dedicated third-party importer to automate the import, manage, and display of your testimonials easily.
    • Tailored Testimonial Collection Forms: Customize your testimonial collection forms with specific fields that suit your needs, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive approach.
    • Captcha Anti-Spam Protection: Enhance the security of your testimonial collection process with built-in Captcha anti-spam protection, safeguarding the integrity of your feedback system.

    Pricing of Strong Testimonials

    Strong Testimonials comes with a paid version which includes additional features starting at $23/yr for one site, $41/yr for 3 sites, and $59/yr for five sites.

    3. Testimonial Slider

    Considering Testimonial Slider Plugin can be a good choice. This plugin helps in managing customer testimonials. This plugin is developer and user-friendly. Testimonial Slider Plugin also provides easy testimonial management and high responsiveness.

    Key Features of Testimonial Slider

    • Grid and Slider Layouts: When you use the free versions, you can use either of the 2 grid layouts and 2 slider layouts.
    • Isotope Filter: With the isotope filter, the premium version of this plugin allows you to show and hide elements easily.
    • Shortcode Generator: With the help of the shortcode generator, you can call up a shortcode easily. This plugin lets you create unlimited shortcodes.
    • Member Filter Option: This testimonial plugin allows you to display testimonials by department or individual member. Your testimonials can be displayed with various filter options for your members.

    Pricing of Testimonial Slider

    Testimonial Slider plugins paid version starting at $16/yr for 1 site, $52/yr for 5 websites, and $104 for unlimited websites.

    4. Real Testimonials

    The Real Testimonials plugin helps to display testimonials, customer reviews, or quotes in multiple ways on any post, page, custom template, widget, etc. So it can be worth considering for your WordPress website

    Key Features of Real Testimonials

    • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly:  This testimonial plugin is highly responsive and mobile friendly Ensure that your testimonials look great on all devices. 
    • ShortCode: Easily create and customize testimonial displays with the shortcode generator. 
    • Unlimited Testimonials: Add as many testimonials as you need and display them anywhere on your website. 
    • Easy Customization and Developer-Friendly: Customize the appearance and behavior of your testimonials. Whether you’re a beginner or a developer.

    Pricing of Real Testimonials

    The paid version of Real Testimonials starts at $39/yr for 1 site, $99/yr for 5 sites, and $199/yr for unlimited sites.

    5. Super Testimonial

    Super Testimonial is a valuable WordPress plugin for testimonials. It’s user-friendly, allowing users to easily add testimonials to sidebars, and widgets, or embed them into posts and pages using shortcodes.

    Key Features of Super Testimonial

    • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly: Ensure your testimonials look great on all devices, providing an optimal user experience for mobile users.
    • Clean Design & Code: Enjoy a sleek and modern design that enhances the visual appeal of your testimonials. 
    • Easy Shortcode Generator: Generate shortcodes easily to integrate testimonials into your website. 
    • Unlimited Testimonial Support: Display an unlimited number of testimonials on your website, providing visitors with social proof and credibility.

    Pricing of Super Testimonial

    Super Testimonial comes with paid version with additional features which is starting at $29/yr for 1 website, $99/yr for 5 websites, and $199/yr for unlimited websites.

    Which Testimonial WordPress Plugin Should You Choose?

    Choosing the best testimonial plugin for your WordPress website can be a struggle, it can be hard when there are many options available.

    So choosing the right plugin that suits your specific needs and requirements is important. Here are some factors you should consider it should be Flexible and Responsive, Platform compatible, Easy to Use, Budget-friendly, Highly Customizable, etc.

    After considering all these features Testimonial Plugin by The Plus Blocks of Gutenberg is the best option to consider as it fulfills all the features you need, it has Multiple carousel modes, Multiple display options, 3D Tilt, Content Hover Effects, Shortcode support, and many more.

    Testimonial plugins is just only one of the key blocks. Check out the complete collection of The Plus Listing Blocks of Gutenberg by The Plus Blocks of Gutenberg.

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      FAQs on Testimonial WordPress Plugins

      What is a testimonial plugin?

      A Testimonial Widgets plugin lets you showcase your best customer feedback in stylish pre-designed widgets on your website. You can customize these widgets and filter testimonials to highlight your business’s great reputation.

      How can I integrate a testimonial slider on my WordPress site?

      To add a testimonial slider to your WordPress site, you can use a plugin like The Plus Block of Gutenberg. Its Testimonial listing feature allows you to create a responsive slider that displays your testimonials in an attractive and easy-to-read format.

      Which testimonial plugins are compatible with the Elementor page builder?

      If you’re using the Elementor page builder to design your WordPress site, then check out Testimonial widget by The Plus Addons for Elementor.

      Is it possible to create a testimonial slider in WordPress without using a plugin, and if so, how?

      Creating a testimonial slider in WordPress manually is complex and time-consuming. You’d need to write custom code or rely on a page builder with slider features. Using a plugin is simpler and more efficient for adding a testimonial slider to your site.

      How do I add scrolling testimonials in WordPress?

      To enable scrolling testimonials in WordPress, install and activate a plugin like “Testimonial Listing by The Plus Blocks of Gutenberg”. Import or create testimonials and configure the plugin to enable scrolling. Then, use the plugin’s shortcode or widget to display scrolling testimonials on your site.

      What factors to consider when choosing a testimonial plugin for WordPress?

      When choosing a testimonial plugin for WordPress, prioritize features like customization, support for different content types, integration with page builders, shortcode compatibility, display styles, review management, spam protection, and compatibility with your theme and plugins for effective customer feedback display.

      Can I create a testimonial slider in WordPress for free?

      Yes, you can create a free testimonial slider in WordPress using The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg’s Testimonial Listing plugin. Add testimonials via Gutenberg, customize layout and style, and embed the slider using Gutenberg blocks on your pages or posts.