21+ Best WordPress Widget Plugins [No Coding Required]

Updated on March 19, 2024 by Editorial Team

A simple way of improving the functions of your website is by using the best WordPress widget plugins.

WordPress has an extensive library of built-in and third-party plugins that allow you to add a range of unique widgets to your website sidebars and other areas without any coding.

Whether you’re looking to add image galleries, navigation menus, social links, animations, login forms, and more, WordPress makes it easier than ever with its collection of user-friendly widgets.

In this article, we’ll explore 21+ best widgets for WordPress that require no coding to use.

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    What are WordPress Widget Plugins?

    A WordPress widget plugin is a third-party software that adds extra functionality to your website, such as media, navigation menus, links, forms, buttons, and so much more.

    Typically, these widgets are placed in specific content areas called widget areas, such as header, footer, or sidebar.

    However, with the use of third-party plugins, you can easily add widgets anywhere on various website pages without any coding.

    Best WordPress Widget Plugins

    Widgets are useful elements that help enhance the functionality and interactivity of your website.

    Let’s check out 21+ best WordPress widget plugins that you can add to your website.

    Page Builder Addons

    WordPress page builder plugins offer you the flexibility to build and customize the layout and design of your website from scratch.

    Here are the top page builder plugins for your WordPress website-

    1. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

    The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is a WordPress page builder plugin by POSIMYTH Innovations.

    This is an advanced plugin that adds a ton of functionality, interactive features, and design capabilities to your website. It is a collection of 85+ Gutenberg blocks, 300+ pre-build UI blocks, and customized templates for your website.

    The Plus Blocks is a feature-rich plugin with amazing support that includes features like clean code, theme compatibility, excellent security, multilingual support, cross-domain copy-paste, and more, making it a must-have page builder plugin for WordPress.

    Key Features of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

    • Plus Blocks: The Plus Blocks include all the key design elements that you might need to make your website stand out. With Plus Blocks, add design elements like containers, buttons, pie charts, Google Maps, and Social icons; creative blocks like carousel, images, and Lottie animations; header blocks, data tables, pre-loader, and more.

    • Plus Listing: The Plus Listing block is useful for your blog post pages, custom post types, and Woo Product pages to list and customize items the way you want to. Choose from various layout options, filters, sliders, and custom galleries, or load more and use lazy load features.

    • Plus Builder: The powerful and customizable Plus Builder lets you build mega menus, mobile menus, website headers, and popups to simplify your website navigation. It also features WooCommerce capabilities, such as building single product pages, checkout pages, and a WooCommerce cart.

    • Plus Extras: Plus Extras is a collection of essential extensions for your website featuring interesting design elements like advanced shadows, on-scroll animation, custom cursors, dynamic content, and floating effects, among others

    Pricing of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

    The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is available for free in the WordPress repository. If you wish to upgrade, there are three pricing plans, starting at $39/year for one website. You can also check out the lifetime plan if you wish to pay only once.

    2. The Plus Addons for Elementor

    The Plus Addons for Elementor is a feature-rich, highly functional plugin for your Elementor page builder. It offers a collection of 120+ unique widgets and extensions that are fully compatible with popular WordPress themes and help enhance your website’s functionality.

    This is an all-in-one plugin, ready to replace multiple WordPress plugins and widgets. It features a WooCommerce builder and Mega Menu builder, unique design features, and a great selection of readymade templates to allow you to customize your website easily.

    Plus, with multilingual support, a faster backend, excellent customization flexibility, and premium security, you can enjoy a user-friendly website design experience like no other.

    Key Features of The Plus Addons for Elementor

    • Excellent Customizations: The plugin offers access to some of the best design features to enhance the look and feel of your website. You can customize every single element, text, and content on your website with ease.

    • Plus Widgets: The Plus Widgets is a collection of some of the best widgets for WordPress for design, including navigation menus, custom buttons, audio player, pricing tables, LottieFiles, contact forms, custom backgrounds, and more.

    • Plus Builder: With Plus Builder, you can create and customize specific website pages such as WooCommerce carts, single product pages, Thankyou pages, or other elements such as mega menus, headers, modal popups, and so on.

    • Plus Listings: Use the Plus Builder widgets to add custom listings on your website, from Woo products to a website blog and custom post type.

    • Plus Extras: The Plus Extras lets you add a range of exciting features and design customizations to your website, including custom columns, conditional rules, global effects, custom CSS, and different animations, to make it highly attractive and engaging.

    • User-Friendly: The Plus Addons for Elementor is a user-friendly page builder plugin that is compatible with top WordPress themes like Nexter and offers a simple website design experience without coding.

    Pricing of The Plus Addons for Elementor

    It is available for free on the WordPress repository. You can access the premium features of The Plus Addons for Elementor starting at $39/year, or check out the lifetime plan if you wish to pay only once.

    Contact Form Widgets

    If you’re looking to add custom forms to your WordPress website as a way to communicate with your visitors, you can do so using a contact form widget.

    3. WPForms Lite

    WPForms Lite is a WordPress contact form plugin that you can use to quickly create and add contact forms anywhere on your website.

    With a drag-and-drop interface and a vast collection of readymade templates, the plugin makes it easy to customize contact form fields.

    Key Features of WPForms Lite

    • Various Form Types: Create different forms for your website, including contact, email subscription, payment, or feedback forms, to offer an engaging website experience.

    • Security Features: The plugin comes with built-in security features like hCaptcha, reCAPTCHA, and anti-spam protection.

    • Drag-and-Drop Builder: The drag-and-drop builder allows for easy form building and design customization.

    • Pre-Made Templates: You can choose from a range of pre-made templates to customize your form fields and form design.

    Pricing for WPForms Lite

    The premium version of the WPForms plugin is available in four plans – Basic at $99/year, Plus at $199/year, Pro at $399/year, and Elite at $599/year.

    4. Contact Form 7

    Next in the list of custom widgets for WordPress is Contact Form 7, a feature-rich contact form plugin for your website.

    The plugin offers you the ability to generate a diverse range of contact forms by adding various custom fields.

    With the plugin, you can easily create, customize, and manage multiple forms and embed them in specific widget areas on the website.

    Key Features of Contact Form 7

    • Shortcode Compatibility: You can create and add custom contact forms anywhere on your website using shortcodes.

    • reCAPTCHA: It comes with the reCAPTCHA features, which add another layer of security to your contact forms.

    • Customizations: The plugin allows you to customize the design and content of the forms easily.

    • Stripe Integration: Contact Form 7 also features a Stripe integration module that lets you add a payment widget to website forms and allows for easy payments.

    Pricing for Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 is a free WordPress contact form plugin for your website.

    Social WordPress Plugins

    Social WordPress plugins are an excellent way to embed various social media buttons, social icons, social feeds, comments, or login pages to your WordPress website.

    5. Social Feed by The Plus Blocks

    If you’re looking to embed your live social feed on the website, Social Feed by The Plus Blocks is an excellent widget.

    This widget is a part of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, which offers a selection of 85+ blocks and extensions for your WordPress website.

    Social Feed is a user-friendly widget that is easy to install. All you need to do is install and activate The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg plugin and enable the Social Feed widget from the settings.

    With an advanced performance framework and a simple interface, you only need to get your Auth key to display the social feed without any hassle.

    Key Features of Social Feed by The Plus Blocks

    • Readymade Layouts: The plugin features various readymade layouts for interactively displaying your social feeds.
    • Multiple Social Support: The plugin supports multiple social media platforms. You can display Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo feeds on your website, and you can even combine all these feeds in various layouts.
    • Individual Customizations: With this plugin, you can allow individual customizations for each of the social media feeds on the website.

    • Display Unlimited Posts: You can display an unlimited number of posts from your social media and arrange them in attractive layouts.

    • Responsive Design: All the social feed designs are highly responsive, so you can create a seamless website experience for all your users.

    • Filter Categories: You can easily separate your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds into separate categories to enable a better website experience.

    Pricing for Social Feed by The Plus Blocks

    Social Feed by The Plus Blocks is available starting at $39/year. There is also a lifetime plan available if you wish to pay once.

    6. AccessPress Social Icons Plugin

    AccessPress Social Icons is a great social media plugin for WordPress that allows you to add social media icons to your website.

    The icon plugin features 12 built-in icon themes to build aesthetically pleasing and creative icons and link your social media.

    The plugin features an interactive drag-and-drop builder, responsive designs, and the ability to display the icons horizontally or vertically.

    It is also SEO-friendly, making it a must-have plugin.

    Key Features of AccessPress Social Icons Plugin

    • Customizable Icons: You can choose from 12 appealing icon themes or upload your design to create stunning icons for your social media links.

    • Define Icon Features: The plugin takes the customizations a step further by allowing you to define the icon size, add a tooltip, use animations, set margins, and more.

    • Use Shortcodes: Place the social icons anywhere on your website – header, footer, sidebar, or main page content using shortcodes.

    • Real-time Preview: All the changes you make are visible in real-time, allowing you to see how everything looks before publishing.

    Pricing for AccessPress Social Icons Plugin

    The premium version of the AccessPress Social Icons plugin is available at a one-time payment of $15.

    7. Social Reviews by The Plus Blocks

    Adding social reviews to your website is an excellent way to engage your audience and build trust.

    A social plugin like The Plus Blocks’ Social Reviews allows you to display customer reviews from different social media platforms on your website.

    Social Reviews lets you automatically connect social media reviews without any coding, saving you the time and effort of manually doing so.

    Besides, the content you display using this plugin is SEO-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about search engine rankings.

    Key Features of Social Reviews by The Plus Blocks

    • Display Unlimited Reviews: With this plugin, you can display unlimited social reviews from Facebook and Google in various formats.
    • Multiple Text Display Options: Get multiple customizable text display options to create a cohesive website look.

    • Real-time Integration: The widget displays and updates the reviews on your website in real-time, so your website visitors won’t miss a thing.

    • Various Layouts: You can choose from various stunning layout options to display reviews on your website. Additionally, choose between detailed reviews or badges for an attractive display.
    • Merge Various Reviews: The review wall feature lets you merge and display multiple social reviews in one place and filter them based on various categories.

    Pricing for Social Reviews by The Plus Blocks

    The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is a collection of 85+ WordPress blocks, which includes Social Reviews for free.

    8. Social Embed by The Plus Blocks

    Social Embed by The Plus Blocks is a flexible widget with which you can embed your social media feed or posts directly on the website.

    Once you enable the plugin, select the social media platform and the type of feed to display, and it will be embedded on your website.

    It offers multiple social media support, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google Maps.

    You also get access to plenty of customization options, so you can create stunning social feeds that complement your overall website design.

    Key Features of Social Embed by The Plus Blocks

    • Display Social Sharing Buttons: With the Social Embed widget, you can display the various social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and even display comments in different layouts.
    • Display Unlimited Posts: The widget lets you display an unlimited number of posts from various social media platforms.

    • In-App Text Language: It offers the option to select your in-app text language while playing videos on YouTube. You can also display single videos or playlists from your YouTube channel.
    • Google Map Styling Options: Embed Google Maps in Roadmap and Satellite views and plenty of customized styling options.

    Pricing for Social Embed by The Plus Blocks

    Social Embed is available in the free plan of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg. The pro plan is accessible at $39/year. You can also check out the lifetime plan.

    9. Social Sharing by The Plus Blocks

    With a simple and user-friendly interface, The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg provides an easy way for your audience to share your content from the website.

    Social Sharing by The Plus Blocks is a widget that displays social sharing links or icons on your website.

    The widget is fully customizable, which means you can modify every aspect of the social sharing buttons—from the color and design to the shape and background.

    It supports multiple sharing through social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Reddit, and more.

    Key Features of Social Sharing by The Plus Blocks

    • Multiple Styling Options: The widget lets you create social icons in various styles – you can copy-paste them from The Plus Blocks website or build your own.
    • Highly Flexible: Social sharing buttons created using this widget are highly flexible in terms of design. You can simply pick a share button template and edit it your way.
    • Supports Various Social Channels: Add sharing links for multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp, and more.
    • Image Sharing: It also lets you add sharing icons on images to enhance your website engagement.

    Pricing for Social Sharing by The Plus Blocks

    The Social Sharing widget is a part of The Plus Blocks free plan, along with 85+ other WordPress blocks. You can access the premium features of this plugin at $39/year.

    WordPress Sidebar Plugins

    WordPress sidebar plugins offer creative ways to use your website’s sidebars to enhance engagement and user experience.

    10. Content Aware Sidebars

    A powerful sidebar plugin for WordPress, content aware sidebars allow you to create tailored sidebar widgets for any post, page, or custom post type without any coding.

    With this feature-rich plugin, you can add as many widgets and display them on as many conditions as you want.

    It offers tons of customization options. You can edit the design elements of the sidebar, create tailored sidebars for each page or post, and even replace theme sidebars.

    Key Features of Content Aware Sidebars

    • Widget Manager: The plugin features an all-in-one widget manager where you can get an overview of the sidebar content and control how, where, and when you want to display widgets.

    • CSS Optimized: It is CSS optimized, so you can create highly responsive sidebar widgets in up to 12 columns with unlimited design possibilities.

    • Widget Backup: With the instant backup and restore feature, you don’t have to worry about deleting an important sidebar.

    • Theme Compatibility: The plugin is fully compatible with any WordPress theme, where you can sync widgets across themes or replace and merge any existing widget areas of the theme.

    Pricing for Content Aware Sidebars

    Content Aware Sidebars offers three premium plans- personal at $49/year, Business at $99/year, and Agency at $199/year.

    11. Custom Sidebars

    Custom Sidebars is a free WordPress sidebar plugin that can replace existing sidebars on your website with custom ones.

    With this plugin, you can configure your widgets and display different sidebars on various pages and posts.

    Key Features of Custom Sidebars

    • Custom Widget Configurations: The Custom Sidebar enables you to display custom widget configurations on any post, page, post type, or category.

    • Seamless Integration: The sidebars created with this plugin seamlessly integrate with the Widgets Menu, offering you great control and flexibility.

    • Widget Visibility: With this plugin, you can set visibility settings to display the sidebar, header, or footer content to specific users.

    • Import and Export: You can easily back up and import and export your custom sidebars.

    Pricing for Custom Sidebars

    Custom Sidebars is a free sidebar plugin for WordPress.

    12. Simple Page Sidebars

    Simple Page Sidebars is another free sidebar plugin for WordPress to create, customize, and manage website sidebars.

    The plugin is designed for simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to quickly assign custom sidebars to single pages without any changes to the template.

    It is a lightweight plugin that focuses on core integration and doesn’t crowd the admin panel. It also utilizes WordPress caching, which reduces the burden on your website.

    Key Features of Simple Page Sidebars

    • Custom Sidebars: Instead of creating genetic sidebars for the entire website, create a custom sidebar for each page, post, or section.

    • Rename the Sidebars: You have full flexibility to name different sidebars on the website.

    • Custom Post Types: The plugin is flexible for many use cases, where you can configure it to work with different custom post types.

    • Widget Area: It features a ‘Widget Area’ that allows you to pull all the widgets from one sidebar to another.

    Pricing for Simple Page Sidebars

    Simple Page Sidebars is a free WordPress plugin.

    Newsletter Opt-in Widgets

    Newsletter widgets for WordPress make it convenient to collect and manage email newsletter sign-ups from your website.

    13. MailChimp for WordPress

    If you’re using MailChimp for your email campaigns, MailChimp for WordPress is a must-have plugin.

    This plugin is your all-in-one solution to grow your mailing list in Mailchimp with stunning sign-up forms.

    This is an easy-to-set-up plugin featuring tons of sign-up integrations, mobile responsiveness, and the ability to display sign-up forms anywhere on the website.

    Using this plugin, you can create highly customized newsletter opt-in forms and integrate them with any existing forms on your website, including comment, contact, and checkout forms.

    You can take the sign-up form customization a step further using the MailChimp Subscription block by The Plus Blocks.

    With 20+ layout designs, plenty of customizations, and styling options, you can create attractive sign-up forms for your website.

    Key Features of MailChimp for WordPress

    • Tons of Integrations: The plugin features dozens of plugin integrations, including WooCommerce, Events Manager, WPForms, Contact Form 7, and more.

    • Display Forms Anywhere: You can display the sign-up forms anywhere on the website – posts, pages, PHP templates, widget areas, and more.

    • E-Commerce Integration: The pro version comes with e-commerce integration, which allows you to track what your subscribers are purchasing, send recommendations, and more.

    • View Subscriber Activity: With the premium version, you can also check subscribes and unsubscribes from your audience during a given period from your WordPress dashboard.

    Pricing for MailChimp for WordPress

    Get the premium version of MailChimp for WordPress starting at $99/year for one website.

    14. WP Subscribe

    WP Subscribe is another newsletter plugin that helps you manage and grow your email sign-ups with customized forms on the website.

    This is a no-coding required plugin that lets you create mobile responsive sign-up forms on the website to attract visitors and grow your email list.

    It also features seamless integration capabilities with MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, and more to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

    However, it hasn’t been tested with the latest releases of WordPress, which might affect its compatibility with your site.

    Key Features of WP Subscribe

    • Fully Responsive: The plugin allows you to build fully responsive sign-up forms that load seamlessly on various devices and screen sizes.

    • Speed Optimized: With an optimized code, the plugin works fast and won’t slow down your website.

    • Popup Animations: You can add eye-catching animations on the popup displays to attract website visitors.

    • Attractive Designs: With various design and customization options available, you can create appealing sign-up forms and popups for the website.

    Pricing for WP Subscribe

    WP Subscribe is available at a one-time payment of $29.

    Mega Menus for WordPress

    Mega menu widgets for WordPress blogs help you create beautiful mega menus for the website to make navigation super easy.

    15. Mega Menu by The Plus Blocks

    Mega Menu for WordPress by The Plus Blocks is an advanced widget that can create an aesthetically pleasing mega menu for your website.

    The widget lets you create horizontal and vertical mega menus that are highly responsive and easy to navigate.

    It is an easy-to-use plugin with a drag-and-drop builder that is fully compatible with the WordPress block editor.

    You can also expand or collapse the sidebar menu with various customization options to make the menu stand out.

    Key Features of Mega Menu by The Plus Blocks

    • Multiple Styling Options: Customize your website mega menus with various styling options and add custom content.

    • Header Layouts: It offers multiple header layout options to give you full control over the header design.

    • Add Interactive Elements: Add various interactive elements such as images, videos, and icons to make the navigation seamless and attractive.
    • WooCommerce Compatibility: The mega menus created using this widget are also compatible with WooCommerce categories.

    • Hide Sub Menus: With this widget, you can create fully responsive mega menus and even choose to hide the sub menus on mobile to allow for a clutter-free look.

    Pricing for Mega Menu by The Plus Blocks

    You can access the Mega Menu widget along with 85+ other blocks with The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg starting at $39/year.

    16. Elementor Mega Menu by The Plus Addons

    If you’re creating your website in the Elementor page builder, the Elementor Mega Menu by The Plus Addons is an excellent widget for creating amazing mega menus.

    Featuring tons of design and styling options and easy customizations, you can create one of the most advanced mega menus for your website.

    The widget offers options for horizontal and vertical menus along with navigation icons and indicator options to encourage seamless website navigation.

    Key Features of Elementor Mega Menu by The Plus Addons

    • Vertical Menu for E-Commerce: Apart from the most popular horizontal menu styles, you can also create a vertical mega menu depending on your site structure. This layout works best for your e-commerce website to allow quick navigation.
    • Toggle Mega Menus: For websites in web structures with small spaces, you can build a toggle mega menu in attractive layouts.
    • No Coding Required: You don’t need any coding knowledge to create an eye-catching mega menu for your Elementor website.

    • Highly Responsive: Create highly responsive mega menus that display seamlessly on different screens and devices.

    • Indicator Options: Highlight specific menu items/texts with custom indicators.

    Pricing for Elementor Mega Menu by The Plus Addons

    Access the Elementor Mega Menu along with 120+ other addons for your website with The Plus Addons for Elementor Pro plugin for $39/year.

    Popular and Recent Post Widgets

    With WordPress blogging widgets, organize your blog post pages more effectively.

    17. WP Tab Widget

    WP Tab Widget is a lightweight plugin and widget for WordPress blogs that allows you to add custom tabs to your blog post page.

    It is an AJAXified plugin that loads the content on demand, allowing for faster loading and page speed.

    With this plugin, you can categorize and filter your blog posts into various sections, such as recent posts, popular posts, comments, tags, and more, and encourage website visitors to find content faster.

    However, it hasn’t been tested with the latest releases of WordPress, which might affect its compatibility with your site.

    Key Features of WP Tab Widget

    • Fully Responsive: The plugin is highly responsive and allows you to create and display tabs on mobile.

    • Show/Hide Features: You can choose to show or hide the comments on blog posts, posting dates, or post excerpts.

    • Organize Tabs: The plugin gives you complete flexibility to organize the tabs in any way you want, choose the number of posts to show, change the number of tabs to display, and more.

    • Flexible Design: The CSS is easy to modify, so you can customize the tab design to fit your website and theme styles.

    Pricing for WP Tab Widget

    WP Tab Widget Pro is available for $14.99.

    18. WordPress Popular Posts

    WordPress Popular Posts is a simple and user-friendly posts plugin that allows you to add your popular or recent posts anywhere on the website.

    With a range of customization options available, you can display your posts in appealing layouts and designs that fit your website aesthetic.

    Key Features of WordPress Popular Posts

    • Multi-Widget Capability: With the plugin, you can add multiple widgets for popular posts on your blog page and modify each for a customized look.

    • Statistic Dashboard: The plugin features a central dashboard that offers an overview of the popular posts, comments on posts, and more.

    • Sorting Options: Order your popular blog posts by default view option, comments, or average views per day.

    • Shortcode Support: With shortcode support, you can add popular post widgets anywhere on the website.

    Pricing for WordPress Popular Posts

    WordPress Popular Posts is a free plugin.

    More Useful Widgets

    19. Popup Builder

    Popups can be an effective way to highlight image content, display social icons, sign-up forms, contact forms, and so much more.

    Popup Builder by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is a feature-rich widget that can create attractive popups for your website.

    The Popup Builder features a wide selection of the most unique popup layouts, designs, and styling options.

    It has extensive UI and UX capabilities, where you can create and customize popups based on specific conditions, such as on load cookies, After X Scroll, exit intent popup, and more.

    Key Features of Popup Builder

    • Tons of Customizations: The widget offers vast design and customization capabilities as you can modify every single element of the popup – from colors and style to content, icons, size, and more.

    • Multiple Trigger Options: You can set different trigger options to display the popups on the website, including on scroll, on click, page load, exit intent, after inactivity, and more.
    • Unique Popup Variations: Choose from a range of readymade, unique popup layouts to display sign-up forms, CTAs, social sharing, cookie notifications, shopping carts, and more.
    • Flexible Display Sizes: Create custom popups that can be tweaked for various screen sizes and keep your website SEO-optimized.

    • Test in Real-time: View all the changes and customizations to your popups in real-time.

    Pricing for Popup Builder

    The popup builder is a part of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, which is accessible at a starting price of $39/year.

    20. Login, Sign-up & Password Form

    Login, Sign-up & Password Form by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is a powerful form widget for your WordPress website.

    With this plugin, you can create custom login forms, registration forms, sign-up forms, and forgot/reset password forms for your website.

    The plugin lets you design GDPR-compliant forms with custom fields, customizable email content, and flexible display.

    It offers versatile placement options, multiple form layouts, and easy registration options with Facebook and Google to enhance the user experience on your website.

    Key Features of Login, Sign-up & Password Form

    • Social Sign-up: Allow your visitors to register and log in to your website via their social media accounts like Google and Facebook.
    • Google reCAPTCHA: Enhance the security of your website and prevent spam registrations with Google reCAPTCHA verification.

    • MailChimp Integration: You can easily connect your MailChimp account to integrate your email marketing campaigns with user login processes to improve your marketing efforts.

    • Passwordless Login: The WordPress login block within the widget allows Passwordless login for improved user convenience.

    • Highly Responsive: With this plugin, the popups you create are fully responsive on various devices, which enables a great user experience and higher accessibility.

    Pricing for Login, Sign-up & Password Form

    Get the Login, Sign-up & Password Form widget with The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg starting at $39/year.

    21. Table of Contents

    A table of contents allows flexible navigation and organizes your blog content for a great website impression.

    Create a dynamic and flexible table of contents for your website using the Table of Contents widget by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

    The widget offers a smooth scrolling experience and enhances the content readability with SEO-friendly and well-organized tables.

    With multiple listing and styling options, various customizations, and the ability to generate a dynamic table of contents for your pages and posts, the widget is effective in improving your website experience.

    Key Features of Table of Contents

    • Position Flexibility: You have the flexibility to choose a fixed position for the table of contents. This way, you can make the table accessible to the users, no matter how far down they scroll.
    • Pre-Built Styles: Build a table of contents from tons of pre-built styles to match your website design.
    • Automatic Generation: With this widget, you don’t need to update the table of contents manually. The widget will automatically scan your content for additions and quickly add them to the list.

    • Works with HTML Tags: It lets you add custom HTML tags to the table of contents.

    • SEO-Friendly: A highly responsive and dynamic table of contents will significantly improve the SEO ranking of your website.

    Pricing for Table of Contents

    Table of Contents is a part of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg along with 85+ blocks, available at a starting price of $39/year.

    22. Search Bar

    The last on our list of the best WordPress widget plugins is the Search Bar widget by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

    For a website visitor, it can be frustrating to go through the entire website to find what they are looking for. This is the only widget you need to make website navigation extremely easy for your website visitors.

    You can easily add AJAX-powered search capability to any post, page, or CPT in multiple styles and layouts and offer an engaging website experience.

    Key Features of Search Bar

    • Various Customizations: The widget brings tons of customization options to the table where you can modify the color, size, styling, text, and more of your search bar.
    • Multiple Layout Options: Choose from a range of pre-built search layouts or customize your own to fit your website design.

    • Suggestion Search: Enable the suggestion search feature to suggest relevant results to the user when they enter a keyword.
    • Filter Categories: You can enable an option to filter search results based on various categories.

    Pricing for Search Bar

    The Search Bar widget is available in the free plan of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg. is available at $39/year.

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      Wrapping Up

      That wraps up our list of the 21+ best WordPress widget plugins. All these plugins are extremely user-friendly and don’t require any coding experience to use.

      Whether you want to build interactive websites from scratch, add social media sharing features and feeds to your website, organize your content with a table of contents, or enhance website navigation with a search bar or mega menus, WordPress has a widget for everything.

      Moreover, enhance the functionality of your default WordPress editor with The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

      Check 85+ Blocks Library from The Plus Blocks

      The plugin brings you a range of unique widgets for content, design, navigation, social platforms, contact forms, dynamic content, and so much more.

      FAQs on Best WordPress Plugins

      What is the purpose of widgets in WordPress?

      A WordPress widget is a website element that lets you add specific features in various areas of your website, such as posts, pages, or custom post types.

      Are WordPress widgets free?

      WordPress widgets can be free and paid based on the plugin features you’re looking for.

      Widgets vs Plugins: What is the difference?

      While widgets and plugins are both used to add specific functions to your site, the major difference lies in visibility and interaction. A plugin keeps the page running and properly functioning in the background, while a widget is something you can see and interact with on a page.

      How do I add the most popular posts to WordPress?

      You can add a popular posts section to your blog page using a plugin like WordPress Popular Posts or WP Tab Widget. These plugins let you display popular or recent post sections in highly customizable formats.

      Does using multiple widgets affect WordPress website performance?

      Too many widgets will only affect your website performance if they are poorly coded or consume more external resources. Use widgets from top developers that are lightweight and have optimized code to ensure fast website performance.

      What factors to look for before using a WordPress widget?

      When looking for a WordPress widget for your website, consider factors like usability, technical support, customization capabilities, and the latest, updated version of the plugin.