27 Best WordPress Podcasts to Listen to [Mostly Free]

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The world of WordPress is expanding constantly, and listening to the best WordPress podcasts is a good way to keep up with it.

Podcasts have become a new, fun medium of learning, upskilling, and staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in any industry. Podcasts are engaging, easily accessible, and mostly free to subscribe and listen to.

So whether you’re a beginner, a developer, a community marketer, or a WooCommerce store owner, subscribing to podcasts is a great way to learn about new products and feature releases, get tips and tricks, or engage with the big community.

However, the market is teeming with options – there are podcasts to cover everything, from building your site to choosing the right plugins and themes.

So, here we bring you the 27 best WordPress podcasts that you must try out to take a deeper dive into the world of WordPress.

Let’s get started!

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    What are WordPress Podcasts?

    WordPress Podcasts are a series of audio episodes on WordPress-focused topics that people can subscribe to and listen to. In the WordPress community, there are tons of engaging new podcasts released regularly to share knowledge, invite industry insights, and share top trends, news, and resources for WordPress.

    Most of these podcasts for WordPress feature top industry experts, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and more sharing their experiences and the latest developments in WordPress.

    The best part about podcasts is that they are easily accessible, and you can learn from the WordPress community on the go.

    Top 27 Best WordPress Podcasts You Should Listen To

    Without further ado, here are the top 27 podcasts to check out for all things WordPress and learning-

    1. WP Briefing

    WP Briefing is a popular WordPress podcast hosted by Josepha Haden, the executive director of the WordPress open-source project.

    It aims to offer its listeners deeper insights into the philosophy and workings of the WordPress open-source project.

    Various community experts are interviewed by the host on the latest industry insights, and it is perfect for WordPress users and contributors of all levels.

    • Host: Josepha Haden
    • Frequency: 2 episodes/month
    • Episode Length: 14-15 minutes

    2. Matt Report

    If you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or an entrepreneur, Matt Report is the perfect podcast for you, It is full of great insights.

    In each episode, popular WordPress blogger and podcaster Matt Medeiros helps businesses build and run their WordPress websites.

    It is a business-focused podcast where the conversations surround subjects like creating websites, marketing, eCommerce websites, and more.

    • Host: Matt Medeiros
    • Frequency: About every 1-2 weeks
    • Episode Length: 25-45 minutes

    3. WPwatercooler

    Launched in 2012, it is a light-hearted “edutainment” show which is focused on roundtable discussions around WordPress.

    Each episode covers subjects like WordPress best practices, tips, the latest updates, and news in the WordPress community.

    What’s more, this show is available on both podcast platforms as well as on YouTube. So, if you’re a visual learner, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

    • Host: Headed by Jason Tucker
    • Frequency: Weekly, every Friday
    • Episode Length: 30 minutes

    4. WP Coffee Talk

    WP Coffee Talk is a weekly podcast centered around people within the WordPress community.

    The host, Michelle Frechette, invites guests over to talk about WordPress-related subjects such as SEO, custom WordPress solutions, WordPress community, web accessibility, and so on.

    • Host: Michelle Frechette
    • Frequency: Variable, about every 2-4 months
    • Episode Length: 30-60 minutes

    5. WP Builds

    WP Builds is a weekly podcast that covers a host of WordPress industry trends, news, and webinars on topics like plugins, writing tips, coding tips, WordPress core, hosting, and WordPress theme.

    The hosts regularly share their experiences and insights on building a WordPress website.

    • Host: Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsely
    • Frequency: Twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Episode Length: 30-90 minutes

    6. WP the Podcast

    If you want to catch up on WordPress’ technical aspects, WP the Podcast is a knowledgeable podcast that you must check out.

    The podcasts regularly offer actionable advice on various aspects of WordPress, from website development and marketing to business advice for personal and business uses.

    • Host: David Blackmon and Tim Strifler
    • Frequency: Every day
    • Episode Length: 10 minutes

    7. Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg

    Want to know a thing or two about using WordPress for your business? Who better than the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg?

    He talks about the latest trends in WordPress, remote working, running an online business, and much more with various guests, including Upwork’s Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Figma, CEO of GitLab, and more.

    • Host: Matt Mullenweg
    • Frequency: Variable
    • Episode Length: 30-90 minutes

    8. Post Status

    Post Status features four different podcasts rolled in one- Draft, Excerpt, Comments, and Get Hired. All these podcasts focus on various aspects of the WordPress community.

    The excerpt is all about WordPress news; the Draft features discussions and interviews with top web professionals.

    Comments focus on discussing trends and exchanging ideas, while Get Hired is all about building a career in WordPress.

    • Host: Various, including Nyasha Green, Dan Knauss, Courtney Robertson, Cory Miller, Michelle Frechette
    • Frequency: About once a week
    • Episode Length: 20-90 minutes

    9. WP-Tonic

    WP-Tonic is one of the best podcasts to listen to, especially aimed at SaaS startup owners and WordPress professionals, and covers a wide range of interesting topics.

    It addresses various recent developments in the world of WordPress, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

    Listen to it for interviews with expert guests and tips on website building, marketing, business, and more.

    • Host: Jonathan Denwood and Adrian Toby
    • Frequency: Biweekly
    • Episode Length: 40 minutes

    10. WPMRR Podcast

    WPMRR is a solid business podcast for WordPress users. The podcast covers all things business and success, where you’ll get insights into how to increase your revenue from your WordPress business.

    Tune into the WPMRR podcast if you want to learn about the people behind successful companies like HubSpot, Beaver Builder, Startups.com, and more.

    It is an informational podcast that you don’t want to miss out on.

    • Host: Joe Howard and Christie Chirinos
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Episode Length: 45 minutes

    11. Think Like a Hacker

    Think Like a Hacker is an interesting and unique podcast that talks about the security of your WordPress website.

    Created by Wordfence, this podcast is a goldmine of tips and insights into WordPress security and covers subjects like security news, passwords, site vulnerabilities, plugin security, and more.

    • Host: Mark Maunder and Kathy Zant
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Episode Length: 25 minutes

    12. WP eCommerce Show

    As the name suggests, the podcast is dedicated to the eCommerce stores that use WordPress as their CMS platform.

    It is an interview-style podcast that talks all about tools and tips to create and grow your online store.

    In each episode, you’ll find in-depth knowledge on eCommerce branding, SEO, marketing, eCommerce tools, and services, among other things.

    • Host: Bob Dunn
    • Frequency: Variable
    • Episode Length: 30 minutes

    13. WP Tavern Jukebox

    WP Tavern Jukebox is all about the people who are shaping WordPress into what it is today.

    The podcase consistently explores the newest changes and trends happening in the vast WordPress ecosystem.

    Tune in to WP Tavern to hear stories of the people behind the WordPress evolution.

    • Host: Nathan Wrigley
    • Frequency: Weekly episodes
    • Episode Length: 30-60 minutes

    14. WordPress Plugins A to Z

    The best thing about working with WordPress is its extensive plugin library that gives you access to tons of functional plugins to add some unique features to your website. But how do you pick the best ones?

    Listen to WordPress Plugins A to Z to catch up on all things WordPress plugins. The podcast covers which plugins you can check out and how they work, focuses on plugin issues you must be aware of, and interviews top developers.

    • Host: Jonathan Cutrell and Marcus Coach
    • Frequency: Weekly, every Thursday
    • Episode Length: 25 minutes

    15. Kitchen Sink WP

    Hosted by Adam Silver, a veteran WordPress enthusiast, Kitchen Sink WP derives its content from the host’s experience and knowledge of WordPress.

    Each week, the host uncovers various WordPress-related topics, from tips and tricks to events, tools, and common challenges faced.

    It also features occasional interviews with developers, designers, and business owners that use WordPress.

    • Host: Adam Silver
    • Frequency: Weekly, every Monday
    • Episode Length: 10 minutes

    16. LMS Cast

    LMS Cast is a podcast initiative by LifterLMS, a popular WordPress plugin that lets you sell your online courses on the website.

    If you want fresh takes on how to grow your course-based business, this podcast is for you. The host, Chris Badget, focuses on online marketing, growth, and business development.

    You’ll also get to hear from entrepreneurs on their journey of building successful online courses, as well as marketing experts discussing strategies.

    • Host: Chris Badget
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Episode length: 45 minutes

    17. Hello, WP!

    Hello, WP! is an informative podcast especially designed for WordPress beginners. The podcast brands itself as “A podcast that reminds you what it’s like to be a new WordPress user” and gives its listeners just that.

    It covers all the WordPress basics about designing, customizations, plugins, themes, and more. This podcast is a must-listen if you want to familiarize yourself with WordPress CMS and the ecosystem.

    • Host: Josh Dailey
    • Frequency: Variable
    • Episode Length: 45 minutes

    18. How I Built It

    True to its name, How I Built It is for all those developers, creators, and business owners out there who want to build and grow on the Internet.

    Every week, the hosts discuss strategies for building and distributing high-quality content that increases revenue.

    The podcast also features various business experts who talk about their journey of building websites and companies and share their insights on online growth with blogging, content, site performance, and more.

    • Host: Joe Casabona
    • Frequency: 30-60 minutes
    • Episode Length: Weekly, every Monday

    19. WPMotivate

    After Post Status, Michelle Frechette is here with another podcast to give you your weekly dose of content and motivation. WPMotivate is all about bringing joy, happiness, and motivation to its listeners. The hosts cover a range of topics such as sunshine, fun, mountains, motivators, and so on.

    • Host: Kathy Zant and Michelle Frechette
    • Frequency: Weekly, every Friday
    • Episode Length: 10-25 minutes

    20. Women in WP

    Women in WP is an interview-style podcast featuring women who work with WordPress every day – from designers and web developers to business owners and marketers.

    It focuses on inclusivity and diversity in the WordPress community, where the women talk about topics like tech, the power of community, inclusion in the industry, and more.

    • Host: Amy Masson, Tracy Apps, and Angela Bowan
    • Frequency: Fortnightly, Mondays
    • Episode Length: 30-55 minutes

    21. The WP Minute

    If you’re a fan of The Matt Report, this is another podcast by Matt Medeiros that you must check out to keep up with all things WordPress.

    This podcast focuses on delivering the latest WordPress news to its listeners every week within five minutes.

    • Host: Matt Medeiros
    • Frequency: Typically weekly, Wednesdays
    • Episode Length: Typically five minutes with occasional longer episodes

    22. WP Gears

    If you’re using WordPress for your business website or an eCommerce store, WP Gears is the perfect podcast created for business and marketing users of WordPress.

    This podcast is a treasure of knowledge to take your website to new heights. In WP Gears, listen to the hosts discuss web designing, SEO plugins, building websites as a beginner, and so on.

    • Host: David Blackmon and Tim Strifler
    • Frequency: Usually daily
    • Episode Length: 5-15 minutes

    23. Developer Tea

    Developer Tea is an excellent resource for WordPress users and learners to stay on top of the latest news, topics, and trends in the community.

    It is a trusted resource for developers to learn about topics like programming languages, listen to various experts, and get web development and coding tips to improve their skills.

    • Host: Jonathan Cutrell
    • Frequency: Once or twice a week
    • Episode Length: 5-45 minutes

    24. Gutenberg Changelog

    Specific to the Gutenberg Block Editor, this podcast is one of the best news resources for designers, developers, as well as beginners working with the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

    In each episode, the host discusses the latest version of Gutenberg and its challenges with a guest. You can also find curated news and opinions of the WordPress community.

    • Host: Brigit Pauli-Haack
    • Frequency: Variable
    • Episode Length: 45-75 minutes

    25. Do the Woo

    Listen in on the WooCommerce community and their experiences of working with WooCommerce in Do the Woo.

    It is an informative podcast dedicated to the users of WooCommerce, the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

    You’ll get to listen to people who built successful WooCommerce websites and the common challenges they faced.

    • Host: Bob Dunn
    • Frequency: Usually twice a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Episode Length: 45 minutes

    26. BobWP

    Bob Dunn, aka BobWP, is a content marketer and podcaster who brings you a podcast to cover everything about WooCommerce.

    Tune in to his podcast to learn a thing or two about WooCommerce, understand common challenges, and keep up with the industry trends.

    You can also check out WooCommerce tutorials on his blog.

    • Host: Bob Dunn
    • Frequency: Usually daily
    • Episode Length: 10-80 minutes

    27. Your Website Engineer

    Your Website Engineer, hosted by Dustin Hartzler, offers you all the ins and outs of the WordPress community.

    Each week, the host discusses tips and tricks to help you build a successful WordPress website. The episodes feature actionable advice that you can apply quickly to improve your website.

    • Host: Dustin Hartzler
    • Frequency: Weekly, every Wednesday
    • Episode Length: 15 minutes
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      Wrapping Up

      So there you have it – the 27 best WordPress podcasts that you must check out.

      Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced professional, or a business owner, keeping up with the latest trends, news, and insights within the WordPress ecosystem is the only way to get ahead in the game.

      And podcasts offer you an engaging, informational, and fun resource to achieve that.

      Consider adding some of these WordPress podcasts to your playlist to learn more about WordPress, build a functional website, and improve your marketing efforts.

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      FAQs About Best WordPress Podcasts

      How can I listen to podcasts for free?

      There are various apps and websites available that let you listen to podcasts for free. You can download apps like Google Podcast or Spotify to catch up on the latest episodes of the best WordPress podcasts on your device.

      Who are the top WordPress podcasters?

      If you want to listen to podcasts that cover various WordPress-related topics and news, check out podcasts by some of the top names, including Michelle Frechette (WP Coffee Talk, WPMotivate), Matt Mederios (The Matt Report, WP Minute), Bob Dunn (Do the Woo), and more.

      What does it mean if you subscribe to a podcast?

      A podcast is a convenient and engaging way to consume the latest WordPress-related content. Once you subscribe to a podcast through your preferred app, you will receive alerts when a new episode is released, and it will automatically get downloaded on your device.

      Are there any beginner-friendly WordPress podcasts?

      Yes, there are tons of beginner-friendly WordPress podcasts available online that cover the basics of WordPress and website development. If you’re a beginner, you can check out podcasts like Hello, WP!, WP Gears, Gutenberg Changelog, WP eCommerce Show, WordPress Plugins A to Z, and more.

      Can you suggest any WordPress podcasts for developers?

      There are several informative podcasts available for WordPress developers to help them keep up with the latest industry news, trends, tools, and tips. Women in WP, How I Built It, Developer Tea, and Kitchen Sink WP are some of the best WordPress podcasts out there for developers.