5 Best WordPress Content Protection Plugins [Compared]

Updated on October 9, 2023 by Editorial Team

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Looking for the best WordPress content protection plugin? You’re at the right place.

As WordPress continues to be a leading CMS for powering websites around the globe, it is essential to protect content from infringement, malicious threats, and other risks. You’ll want to use content protection plugins to protect the content you create and post on your WordPress site.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into WordPress’s top five content protection plugins, comparing their features and pricing to help you make an informed decision on the best plugin for your website.

With the right plugin, you can rest assured that your content is protected and will remain secure in the future.

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    How to Protect Website Content in WordPress from Plagiarism?

    Protecting website content from plagiarism is an important part of maintaining the integrity of any website. A few techniques to help prevent content from being plagiarized.

    • Disable Right Click 
    • Disable CTRL + C/ CTRL + V
    • Disabling Drag and Drop
    • Disable Chrome Dev Tools/Inspect Element F12
    • And other hot keys

    Choosing the right content protection WordPress plugin can be a daunting task, as many plugins offer the same promises.

    To help simplify the process, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to select the best plugin for protecting your content from being copied on WordPress.

    Best Content Protection Plugins Compared

    Sr. No.PluginsCost (Starting from)
    1Nexter ExtensionFree + $29/year (Included in Nexter Theme)
    2Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking$39
    3WP Content Copy Protection$29/year
    4WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click$29
    5WP Content Protect$49

    This comparison list is not legally binding. If you find any discrepancy, please feel free to notify us.

    1. Nexter Extension

    What if you don’t have to install extra plugins to protect your content? That is possible when you’re a Nexter Theme user.

    The Theme is packed with an extensive list of features and has an inbuilt Content Protection option for WordPress sites.

    Nexter Extension is a WordPress plugin that offers the best content protection solution. You can use this plugin to disable suspicious actions on your website.

    Disabling all these actions can protect your text, images, audio, and videos from the bad guys, preventing plagiarism and copyright issues.

    You can enable all these actions for only special user roles like admin, editors, authors, subscribers, and contributors and block out every other website user.

    It also displays a non-obtrusive alert message to users who try to perform all disabled actions, and you can customize this message to fit your website design for a better user experience.

    You can also choose how long you want the message on your user’s screen.

    Aside from protecting your content, it also provides advanced website security, like disabling XML-RPC and REST API and adding Google reCAPTCHA to your user registration and comments to block out spammers from your website.

    Note: Nexter Extension plugin can not work alone. It is an extension for the Nexter WordPress theme, which activates the theme’s advanced features, including content protection. So you need to install and activate the Nexter theme before you can use its extension to protect your content.

    The best thing about this is that for just one content protection plugin, you get access to a complete feature-packed WordPress theme that gives your site the best security and customization.

    Key Features of Nexter Extension:

    • Disable text selection.
    • Disables drag/drop.
    • Blocks all developer tools and search hotkeys.
    • Disables 15+ keyboard shortcuts.
    • Customizable alert message.
    • Add Google reCAPTCHA.
    • Disable XML-RPC and REST API.
    • SEO friendly.

    Pricing of Nexter Extension:

    The price for this plugin starts from $29 per year. The theme has many Free features, but the content protections come with the PRO plan. 

    2. Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking

    WordPress secure copy content protection plugin is another solution to content theft.

    Once installed, it blocks users from right-clicking, text selection, and image drag & drop. It also disables all developer tools hotkeys.

    Using shortcodes, you can lock specific paragraphs within a blog post or any other page as password-protected content so only your viewers with the password can open the content.

    This content locking can also be scheduled to work only for some time.

    You can add an audio notification to the text notification and use both when a user tries to perform a disabled action. You can also block an IP address or users from a country from accessing your web pages.

    This plugin can assist your lead generation process by allowing users to access your content only after they enter their email addresses.

    Key Features of Secure Copy Content Protection

    • Blocks text selection.
    • Disables all developer tools hotkeys.
    • Audio and text notification.
    • Shortcode content blocking.
    • Image watermarking.
    • Mailchimp integration for lead generation.
    • Premium content via PayPal.

    Pricing of Secure Copy Content Protection

    The price for this plugin is a one-time payment of $39, but you can get the free version of this plugin with limited features from the WordPress plugin repository.

    3. WP Content Copy Protection

    WP content copy protection is an easy-to-use content protection plugin that blocks all content copy tricks for texts, audio, and embedded videos on all your web pages but allows you to enable it on specific pages, posts, categories, and custom post types.

    You can give only your registered users and admin the ability to copy your content and perform the other actions while other users get an alert message when they try using the disabled keys.

    By default, WP Content Copy Protection blocks users from pasting text on your webpage, but you can disable this for pages that require user input.

    With the premium plan of this plugin, you can remove your website feeds from content scrapers and auto blogs so no one can access and steal your content from these platforms. However, it does all these without blocking search engine access.

    Key Features of WP Content Copy Protection

    • Blocks text selection.
    • Disables keyboard copy shortcuts.
    • Disables right-click.
    • Protects audio and video embeds.
    • No obtrusive alert message.
    • SEO friendly.

    Pricing of WP Content Copy Protection

    This plugin will cost you $29 per year. There is also a free version with limited features.

    4. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

    WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is another plugin you can use to protect your website content.

    Like the other plugins in this list, you can use this plugin to block users from performing any action that can lead to content theft and choose to enable them only on your home page or specific pages and posts.

    It offers 3 protection levels, which are:

    • JavaScript protection.
    • Right-click protection and
    • CSS protection.

    All protection levels are highly compatible with all modern browsers and major WordPress themes. You can also set varying levels of protection on a single page or post for uncompromised security.

    Key Features of WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

    • No right click.
    • Blocks text selection.
    • Displays alert message.
    • Image watermarking.
    • 3 protection levels.
    • You can set varying protection levels per page or post.

    Pricing of WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

    The premium version of this plugin costs a one-time payment of $29 for one site and $45 for 5 sites.

    5. WP Content Protect

    WP Protect Content is a plugin with various security levels for full content protection on your website.

    It disables CTRL+C, copy shortcuts, image saves, and drag and drop. It does all these using 3 projection layers for JavaScript, Right-click, and CSS.

    It also adds watermarks to your image and backs up the original image so users can not steal them as screenshots.

    You can exclude your home page and specific pages or posts from the copy protection features.

    Key Features of WP Content Protect

    • Disables CTRL+C and other copy shortcuts.
    • Disables right-click.
    • iFrame protection.
    • 3 protection levels.
    • Smart JavaScript distillation detector.
    • Image watermarking.
    • Supports jQuery.

    Pricing of WP Content Protect

    This is a premium plugin that costs a one-time payment of $49.

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      Which WordPress Content Protection Plugin Should You Choose?

      Picking one content protection plugin can be overwhelming as so many plugins offer this solution, free and paid.

      Still, we must say that using a free option isn’t the best decision you can take to protect your content because of the limitations.

      Among the top 5 content protector plugin WordPress in the article, Nexter Extension will be the best plugin for most users as it provides 100% audio, video embeds, text, and image security for your WordPress files.

      It also offers advanced website security and your primary WordPress security plugin.

      Also, for a price of $29 per year, you get a content protection plugin, the Nexter WordPress theme, and its full design and security capacity.

      You can watch this video to explore all the features of Nexter Theme:

      Wrapping Up

      To guide you in getting the best WordPress content protection plugin for your website, we have discussed the top 5 WordPress plugins that can prevent the bad guys from stealing your content.

      After reading this article, we believe you know which plugin to use to protect your WordPress content and files, and we are glad you found this article helpful.

      Check out the Nexter WordPress theme today and enjoy building your website without any WordPress limitations.

      FAQs on WordPress Content Protection

      How do I protect my blog content from getting copied in WordPress?

      A content protection plugin such as Nexter Extension is recommended to safeguard your content from being copied in WordPress. To take full advantage of its features, install and activate its Pro version to secure your website content from being duplicated. You can also enable the various Hotkey Disabler options to prevent your WordPress content from being copied.

      How do I protect images downloading in WordPress?

      You can protect your images from getting downloaded by disabling the right-click button and F12 browser dev tools. Both can be done easily using Nexter WordPress Them’s content protection feature.

      Can I disable Right-Click on the WordPress website?

      Yes, you can protect your original content by enabling disable right click options in Nexter WordPress Theme -> Security -> Content Protection and turning on ‘Disable Right Click’.