How to Add a Category Wise Filter in Team Member Listing in WordPress?

Updated on July 15, 2023 by Ananda

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Looking for a way to enhance the usability and navigation of your team member listing in WordPress? Adding a category-wise filter allows visitors to easily sort and view team members based on specific categories or departments.

With the Team Member Listing widget from The Plus Addons for Elementor, you can easily add a category-wise filter to your team member listing.

To check the complete feature overview documentation of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Team Member block, click here.

Requirement  – This block is a part of The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, make sure its installed & activated to enjoy all its powers.

To do this, add the Team Member block on the page, and select the appropriate style and layout.

Note: Category filter is not available for the Carousel layout.

Make sure you’ve added categories to your team members while adding them

Then go to the Filters tab, and turn on the Category Wise Filter toggle. 

team member category filter

Now you’ll be able to see filter options in your team member listing that you can use to filter members by category.

You can edit the ‘All’ filter label from the All Category Text field.

From the Filter Style and Filter Hover Style, you can choose different styles for the category filter labels for normal and hover states.

From the Filter Alignment section, you can align the filter label.

team member category filter demo

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