20+ Best WordPress Newsletters to Subscribe [Weekly Updates]

Updated on September 15, 2023 by Editorial Team

Working with WordPress continuously requires you to be updated with the changing trends and developments. And subscribing to the best WordPress newsletters is a great way to do that.

Since the world of WordPress is constantly evolving, with developers always coming up with improved plugins, enhanced security features, and unique updates, keeping up with all the latest news in the industry can be challenging.

Fortunately, the best WordPress newsletters offer you all the community insights in one place.

There are several newsletters focused on providing valuable WordPress news, insights, and original content. Subscribing to these newsletters for WordPress will help make sure you never miss out on any useful content or updates and get the best out of your work with this CMS.

In this blog, we are going to explore the 20+ best newsletters to subscribe to and catch up on all the newest industry updates.

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    Best WordPress Newsletters to Subscribe

    Here are the most popular newsletters dedicated to WordPress:

    1. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Newsletter

    The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg from POSIMYTH Innovations brings you exclusive WordPress-related content through their blog and newsletter.

    Subscribing to their newsletter will unlock a treasure of the latest WordPress updates, informational blog posts, product announcements, reviews, the latest news, and so much more.

    All these useful insights will be delivered directly to your inbox to help you keep up with the changes and trends in the WordPress industry.

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      2. WPShout Newsletter

      With over 3000 email subscribers, WPShout is a WordPress blog and newsletter for developers and enthusiasts who want to make the most of their work with WordPress.

      The newsletter covers the most important industry news, blogs, tutorials, and other guides for advanced WordPress creators and is delivered weekly.

      3. WPExplorer

      WPExplorer is a top-notch blog and email newsletter for its audience.

      It is a highly insightful resource that lets you in on all the latest WordPress news, tutorials, tips, plugin and theme reviews, and more. Check out their blog for all things WordPress.

      4. WordPress News

      WordPress News is a weekly newsletter and website blog by WordPress.org. They have a subscription base of over 1.9 million users who receive regular updates on the newest WordPress releases, industry news, highlights, and other resources via email.

      This is the official WordPress newsletter, perfect for WordPress professionals, creators, and designers to catch up on the latest technical updates, design, accessibility, and more.

      5. Kinsta

      A biweekly newsletter, Kinsta delivers useful WordPress tips and insights to its massive 20,000+ subscriber list.

      This email newsletter covers topics like WordPress news and trends, content creation, tips, tutorials, SEO, and many more for business owners, developers, bloggers, agencies, and so on.

      If you are looking for a resourceful WordPress newsletter to follow that helps you keep up with the latest web development trends and frameworks, do check out Kinsta.

      6. WPBeginner

      WPBeginner’s weekly WordPress newsletter and blog is the one-stop destination for beginners. It is a valuable resource for anyone using WordPress, packed with useful insights on various subjects like hosting, e-commerce, blogging, and more.

      Every week, WPBeginner offers its subscribers exclusive WordPress content, including useful tips and tricks and updates on the latest trends, developments, and improvements in the world of WordPress.

      7. Post Status Newsletter

      Post Status is one of the most established communities for WordPress users. It is a website and newsletter dedicated to WordPress professionals and enthusiasts looking for fresh insights every week.

      The newsletter provides industry analysis, exclusive WordPress community chat for professionals, and exclusive deals to their newsletter subscribers.

      In addition, the newsletter covers WordPress news, tips, insights, webinars, community events, and interviews. What’s more, they also bring you podcasts and videos on all things WordPress.

      8. WPMarmite

      WPMarmite’s newsletter is the perfect resource for beginners, professionals, and freelancers looking for honest WordPress reviews and tutorials when setting up their websites.

      They regularly publish detailed WordPress-related content that is easy to understand for beginners, exploring tutorials, new plugins and themes, courses, educational videos, and more.

      9. WP Weekly

      Organized by Davinder Singh Kainth, WP Weekly is one of the most popular newsletters for WordPress beginners and enthusiasts.

      This weekly newsletter brings you the best of WordPress news, features, plugins, themes, core updates, tips, and resources.

      It also rounds up the latest industry discussions, news, deals, and upcoming events.

      10. WooCommerce

      WooCommerce is one of the best open-source e-commerce platforms to help you build stunning online stores.

      WooCommerce also has a newsletter sign-up, where users can subscribe to get the latest news, tips, and resources for managing and growing their online stores.

      11. WPTuts

      Paul Charlton, a well-known WordPress expert and the person behind WPTuts brings you a weekly round-up of WordPress-related news and trends.

      It explores a variety of WordPress development and design-related topics, resources, video tutorials, tips, and other information.

      This newsletter brings you something new every week, making it a great resource, especially for beginners.

      12. Themegrill

      Themegrill’s blog is the ultimate resource for WordPress users. It covers everything from beginner’s guides and WordPress reviews to the latest news, tips, comparisons, and more.

      You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest news and updates to their blog via email and always stay on top of the evolving world of WordPress.

      13. The Repository

      Curated by Kim Gjerstad and Rae Moray, The Repository is a weekly newsletter for the WordPress community. Each week, it brings you exclusive content and gathers the latest WordPress news from various sources and social media platforms.

      The newsletter is one of the best in the community, as it presents you with the latest headlines and community tweets in an engaging manner.

      Whether you’re a business owner, a professional developer, or a beginner, this newsletter will keep you up-to-date with everything that’s happening in the WordPress industry.

      14. WPLift

      WPLift has an excellent blog on their website that offers you fresh and useful information on working with WordPress, from tips and tutorials to plugin and theme reviews and comparisons.

      Now, their newsletter is another great resource to catch up on all the latest WordPress news, blog updates, industry developments, and more.

      The weekly newsletter also consists of insights from WPLift’s owner, Dan Tol, on different subjects related to WordPress, which makes it a must-read newsletter.

      15. Friday Chaser

      Get the best of WordPress news and discussions with Friday Chaser by The Admin Bar – one of the most popular WordPress communities.

      With this weekly newsletter, you’ll receive a range of WordPress-related content such as recommendations, Facebook discussions, unique tips, queries, and more right to your inbox.

      It is an awesome resource for WordPress developers and agencies looking for the best insights from other WordPress users.

      16. ManageWP

      Want a weekly dose of amazing WordPress-related stories straight to your inbox? Subscribe to the ManageWP newsletter.

      ManageWP brings you a high-quality blog that offers you great insights on SEO, WordPress challenges, maintenance, latest developments, tips & tricks, and more.

      You can subscribe to their newsletter to get these regular updates delivered to your inbox.

      17. Gutenberg Times

      Gutenberg Times is a special newsletter dedicated to the Gutenberg block editor. The newsletter is a curation of the latest news, upcoming events, WordPress core developments, community discussions, and much more.

      From new Gutenberg updates to WordPress theme and plugin updates, this is one of the most resourceful newsletters for all things Gutenberg editor and plugin.

      18. Yoast

      Yoast is a reliable SEO plugin for WordPress. Their newsletter is dedicated to delivering practical tips and the latest changes in the world of SEO.

      When you subscribe to Yoast, you’ll receive weekly emails with insights and tricks to increase your website traffic, access to SEO courses, and SEO-related news.

      19. WP Owls

      WP Owls’ newsletter features quality articles and insights on a range of WordPress-related topics and trends.

      Each week, the newsletter brings a round-up of the last week’s important news to your inbox, along with honest reviews and discussions surrounding the latest developments.

      20. WP Mayor

      With WP Mayor, you get to unlock a weekly dose of inspiring and engaging content for WordPress.

      WP Mayor’s blog and newsletter are an excellent resource for designers, developers, and marketers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress news and get the best out of their work with this CMS.

      You can subscribe to their newsletter for top WordPress news, detailed reviews, educational blogs, tips, and more.

      21. The WP Minute

      The WP Minute is another great WordPress newsletter to subscribe to for beginners.

      Curated by Matt Medeiros, he brings you weekly WordPress news and events through the newsletter and podcast.

      Why Subscribe to WordPress Newsletters?

      You should subscribe to WordPress newsletters for the following reasons:

      • Effective Information Source: Subscribing to WordPress email newsletters is an efficient way to stay updated on WordPress developments.
      • Diverse Content: These newsletters go beyond blogs, delivering original content, news, insights, promotions, and more.
      • Variety of Options: Numerous top-notch newsletters cater to diverse interests, sharing industry news, insights, and updates from WordPress developers.
      • Tailored Insights: Each newsletter offers unique perspectives, addressing specific challenges. Subscribing to a combination ensures comprehensive WordPress knowledge.

      Wrapping Up

      Whether you’re a beginner, a business owner, or a professional developer, subscribing to top WordPress newsletters is a good way to stay up-to-date with the latest news and expand your knowledge about this Content Management System.

      Each newsletter listed in this blog delivers fresh insights, top WordPress news, updates, and more to your inbox regularly.

      There are plenty of great options for beginners, like WPTuts, WP Weekly, and The WP Minute. Or, if you’re looking for special newsletters, you can subscribe to Yoast for fresh tips on SEO or check out Gutenberg Times to catch up on the updates for your Gutenberg block editor.

      If you’re creating your new website in WordPress’ Gutenberg editor, check out The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg by POSIMYTH Innovations. This plugin is an all-in-one toolkit for your WordPress with 85+ blocks to enhance the functionality of your website.

      Check the entire list of 85+ Gutenberg Blocks here.

      The plugin comes with a range of unique blocks to customize, style, and design your website and add different features for an exceptional user experience.

      The best part? This is an easy-to-use plugin that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is available at $39/year, along with a lifetime plan, if you wish to pay once.

      FAQs About Top WordPress Newsletters

      Are there newsletters specifically focused on WordPress plugins and themes?

      Yes, there are plenty of quality newsletters that offer you the latest updates and news on WordPress themes and plugins. You can check out newsletters and blogs like The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Newsletter, WPLift, Gutenberg Times, and WP Weekly to get tips, tricks, and reviews of various WordPress themes and plugins.

      What are the best newsletters for staying updated on Gutenberg and block editing?

      If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest updates of the Gutenberg editor, Gutenberg Times is one of the best newsletters to subscribe to. The newsletter features the top Gutenberg blogs, discussions, news, and updates for Gutenberg every week.

      Are there newsletters that cover WordPress SEO strategies?

      Yes. Top newsletters like Yoast, ManageWP, and Kinsta regularly feature discussions, news, updates, and resources on SEO and SEO strategies. They share practical tips and insights to help you master key SEO practices and increase website traffic.

      What are some popular WordPress newsletters for beginners?

      If you’re looking for quality WordPress newsletters for beginners, The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Newsletter, WPBeginner, WP Marmite, and Themegrill are some of the most popular resources to subscribe to. Once subscribed, you’ll receive the best insights, tips and tricks, reviews, and fresh news on WordPress for beginners.