5 Best WordPress Block Themes (Gutenberg)

Updated on September 30, 2023 by Editorial Team

As WordPress continues to evolve and expand, more and more WordPress Block Themes are being released that are perfect for creating stunning and engaging websites.

With each passing year, the industry is responding to the ever-changing needs and demands of website development and design.

In 2021, Gutenberg, a block-based editor, was introduced to the WordPress platform, and since then, block-based themes have become the go-to choice for developers and designers alike.

For those interested in creating a modern website using the block-based editor, the best way to get the most out of Gutenberg is to choose the right theme.

This blog post is designed to help you do just that by providing you with an overview of the five best WordPress block themes. We’ll discuss their features, capabilities, and benefits to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s begin!

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    What is Block Editor (Gutenberg) in WordPress?

    Block Editor (Gutenberg) is a revolutionary new tool for creating content in WordPress. It replaces the classic editor with a block-based system, allowing users to create content in a visually rich, intuitive manner.

    Block Editor offers a wide range of customizable content blocks, from simple text to galleries, audio files, and more. This allows users to create content quickly and easily without needing to understand complex coding or styling.

    Additionally, content can be easily moved and rearranged within the block editor, creating a more intuitive user experience. By empowering users to quickly and easily create beautiful content, Block Editor offers an exciting new era for WordPress websites.

    Gutenberg vs other WordPress Page Builders: Which one to choose?

    When it comes to website creation, the debate between Gutenberg and other WordPress page builders is ongoing. Gutenberg is the official WordPress block editor, which allows for an intuitive and user-friendly way to create content.

    However, other page builders offer more features and flexibility, allowing for more control over the design of a website. Ultimately, the decision over which page builder to use comes down to the preferences and needs of the website creator.

    If they want a simple and straightforward website design, Gutenberg may be the ideal choice. However, if they need more complex features and customization, a third-party page builder may be the better option.

    Ultimately, both page builders can be used to create professional and attractive websites, so the decision should be based on the individual’s needs and preferences.

    Best WordPress Gutenberg Themes Compared

    Here are the best Gutenberg themes:

    Sr. No.Block ThemesCost (Starting from)
    1Nexter WordPress ThemeFree + $29/year

    This comparison list is not legally binding. If you find any discrepancy, please feel free to notify us.

    1) Nexter WordPress Theme

    Nexter is a revolutionizing WordPress theme with its unbeatable performance, customization, and security!

    Whether you’re building a WordPress website or want to revamp an existing one, Nexter is the perfect all-in-one solution, compatible with the most popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. Get ready to experience the power of Nexter!

    Unlock the full potential of the free theme builder and turn your WordPress website into an art gallery of sorts!

    From scratch, you can build custom layouts and templates for each section and custom web pages. Plus, you don’t need to create a child theme or do extra work – insert code snippets and custom hooks easily.

    Though Nexter isn’t quite FSE compatible, our built-in theme builder gives you the same full site editing experience and control as FSE. Plus, with Nexter theme, you don’t need to install as many plugins – it comes with all the advanced features that replace many plugins.

    What makes Nexter Theme Unique?

    • Advanced Theme Builder.
    • Header & Footer Builder
    • Sticky Menu
    • Less than 50 KB.
    • Inbuilt Code Snippets & Hooks.
    • Maintenance & Coming Soon page make
    • Inbuilt Performance Tuner.
    • Security Hardening.
    • Self-host Google Fonts
    • Adobe Fonts 
    • Custom Upload Fonts.
    • White Label Theme.
    • Content Protection or Right-Click Disable.
    • Disable Admin Settings and more.
    • Integrates with The Plus Addons for Elementor & Gutenberg for extra blocks.

    Nexter Review

    Finally my Search for Fastest WordPress Theme Ends

    Great Job guys, we have replaced all our client sites with Nexter Theme, just because of it light build.

    We always wanted a theme which has less bloated code but gives us the important feature required to build a complete website from scratch. This is the perfect match, more like Elementor Hello Theme on Steroid. We never imagined that even Gutenberg could even get such Theme Builder like popular Page Builders.

    Keep going, I have a lot of expectations for you all, have been an avid user of The Plus Addons for Elementor, and now this combined it’s once for all solution for our client projects. Truly a Theme Build for the Future of WordPress.

    ~ (@arswebmedia)

    Nexter Pricing

    Nexter offers a free version and a nominal fee of $29/year. Alternatively, they also have an option of lifetime pricing, where you pay once to receive support and updates for the duration.

    The Theme takes your website to the next level and helps you save money when you bundle it with The Plus Addons for Elementor or The Plus Addons for Gutenberg.

    Both of these page builder addons give you complete code freedom and create advanced-designed websites.

    2) Neve

    Neve is a versatile and lightweight theme that has been created to be used with the latest WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others.

    This theme offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to create a website that truly represents their brand and style.

    With its responsive design, Neve looks great on all devices, ensuring that your website will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

    What makes Neve Theme Unique?

    • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design
    • Robust Theme Options and Customization Tools
    • Pairs with Otter Blocks plugin
    • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
    • Easy Integration with Popular Page Builders
    • WordPress Gutenberg templates

    Neve Review

    Love the Neve Customizer

    I am using the theme with the Brizy page builder plugin. Tried a few others but I thought this theme was perfect – not to overwhelming, not too simple. My favorite is the customizer. Try it out.


    Neve Pricing

    Neve offers a free plan, as well as Premium plans starting from $69/year.

    3) GeneratePress

    GeneratePress is a powerful WordPress theme that combines modern design with simple, straightforward functionality.

    It’s an incredibly versatile and customizable theme that can be used for blogs, websites, portfolios, and more.

    A big part of why GeneratePress is so popular is due to the extensive range of features it offers, from complete control over colors, fonts, and backgrounds to built-in integration with Generate Blocks.

    What makes GeneratePressTheme Unique?

    • Lightweight and Performance-Oriented
    • User-Friendly and Highly Customizable
    • Comprehensive Support and Documentation
    • Flexible Hook System

    GeneratePress Review

    Incredible Theme and Excellent Support

    I am very much happy to be a GeneratePress customer. They provided instant support for my queries. Easy and fast loading theme. Special Thanks to David.

    ~ (@rmanroh)

    GeneratePress Pricing

    This Theme offers a FREE version plus two paid plans – Yearly ($59) and Lifetime ($249) with a limit of 500 websites.

    4) Gutentype

    Gutentype is a modern WordPress blog that utilizes the Gutenberg page builder for design and content creation.

    This platform is suitable for various types of blogs, including guest posts, niches, giveaways, guides, how-to, home, tell-all, business, cryptocurrency, professional, reverse, writer, and world news blogs.

    What makes Gutentype Theme Unique?

    • Support of all Gutenberg blocks
    • GDPR ready
    • Enhanced block styles
    • WooCommerce Ready-made WooCommerce Shop

    Gutentype Review

    Design Quality

    Nice clean design, very detailed good documentation. Iam using it as Woocommerce theme for small online shop and blog.

    ~ Sesulak

    Gutentype Pricing

    This Theme costs $69 per site, and you’ll need to purchase a new license for each additional website.

    5) Zakra

    Zakra is a comprehensive and modern multipurpose theme that is light and fast. It provides a variety of starter-free sites, enabling users to craft an attractive and professional website.

    This theme can be used for numerous purposes, such as personal blogs, portfolios, WooCommerce stores, business websites, and niche-based sites.

    It is compatible with major page builders such as Elementor, allowing users to create any desired layout. Additionally, it is responsive, Gutenberg-compatible, SEO-friendly, translation-ready, and compatible with most WordPress plugins.

    What makes ZakraTheme Unique?

    • Extensive Customization
    • Regular Updates
    • Gutenberg compatible
    • 100+ customizer options
    • Advanced typography & styling

    Zakra Review

    Great theme with quick support

    I recently started using a free Zakra theme as a non-developer for a business website. So far, there’s nothing I have not been able to do. It looks good, works well, and the free version includes all the basics needed to get started. When something was not working (theme issue with the footer bottom bar), I contacted support via chat. They replied within about 10 minutes, then fixed the problem within another 10 minutes. It was great! I would definitely recommend this theme to other newbies like me.


    Zakra Pricing

    The Theme offers a range of purchasing options from free to paid plans starting at $69.

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      Which WordPress Blocks Theme should you choose? : User Guide

      That was our list of the top Gutenberg compatible WordPress themes.

      Choosing the right WordPress Blocks Theme for your website is an important decision. Whether you want a minimalist theme with a focus on content or one with more features and customization, there are plenty of options available.

      With the user guide provided, you can easily compare and contrast the different themes to find the one that works best for your website. By taking the time to research and choose the right theme, you can ensure that your website looks great and functions properly.

      Whichever theme you choose, you can be sure you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing website with plenty of features and options to help you make it as successful as possible.

      Considering the rich set of features provided by Nexter, you can be sure that at a small price of just $29, you are going to replace multiple plugins. It was designed to provide you with all features under 1 ecosystem without spending extra dollars for every new plugin.