6 Best Photo Image Gallery WordPress Plugins

Updated on September 19, 2023 by Editorial Team

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Are you looking for a photo gallery WordPress plugin to organize images on your website? Or do you want to add some visual appeal to your website?

It can be difficult to pick the right plugin, especially with many available options. But we have got you covered.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 6 best image gallery plugins you must try for your website.

Whether you are a photographer, artist, or e-commerce seller, these image gallery plugins for WordPress will let you organize your images in unique layouts and add functionalities to improve your website’s UX.

But first, let’s understand what an image gallery is and why it is so important.

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    What is an Image Gallery in WordPress?

    An image gallery in WordPress is a group of images arranged in columns or a grid layout. The gallery allows you to display pictures using visually appealing designs.

    The gallery also makes it convenient for website visitors to browse and interact with images in your galleries.

    Image Gallery Demo created using The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg‘ Powerful Image Gallery block.

    Now let’s see what is an image gallery plugin and explore popular plugins available for your WordPress website.

    What are WordPress Photo Image Gallery Plugins?

    Although WordPress has a built-in feature that allows you to create galleries on your website using the WordPress block editor.

    But its functionalities are comparatively limited. That is where best WordPress gallery plugins come in so handy for website owners.

    A WordPress gallery plugin offers tools to create custom albums to display images or other media files on your website. You can customize its appearance using different gallery styles, layouts, fonts, animations, and more.

    Popular Use Cases of Using WordPress Photo Gallery

    • Photography Portfolio: Showcase a photographer’s work in an organized and visually appealing way.
    • Product Showcase: Display products in an overview format for customers.
    • Event Coverage: Capture the highlights of an event and give people who couldn’t attend a chance to experience it through photos.
    • Travel Blog: Showcase travel adventures and inspire others to explore new destinations.
    • News Highlights: Highlight important stories in a visually engaging way and make content more shareable on social media.
    • Art Galleries: Display artwork online and attract potential buyers.

    Now, let’s walk you through the six best Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins and explore their key features and pricing.

    1. Image Gallery by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

    The first in our list is a premium image gallery plugin for WordPress, the Image Gallery by The Plus Block for Gutenberg. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is an addon that enhances the functionalities of WordPress Block Editor.

    The addon gives you access to 80+ WordPress blocks and 300+ prebuilt UI blocks and templates, including the image gallery.

    The Plus Blocks’ Image Gallery allows you to pick from different layouts, customizations, and special features for your website’s picture gallery.

    In total, you get more than 200 customization options to tweak how the gallery appears on your website.

    Image Gallery Grid Layout

    The block enables you to create galleries of different shapes and sizes. You can add multiple columns, captions, overlays, and popup functions to your galleries.

    You control each gallery element, from image size to the gallery’s layout, so it matches your brand’s design principles.

    Image Gallery Masonry Layout

    Masonry layout is a popular grid layout that is often used for displaying image galleries on websites.

    With this layout, images of different sizes are arranged in a visually appealing and dynamic way, creating a mosaic-like effect.

    The layout is particularly useful for showcasing images in a non-linear and creative way, making it perfect for photography portfolios, art galleries, and visual-heavy websites.

    By using a masonry layout for your image gallery, you can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your website and create a more engaging user experience.

    LightBox Popup for Images

    This feature enables visitors to click on an image in your gallery and view it in a larger size, with the rest of the page dimmed out in the background.

    The lightbox also provides navigation arrows that allow visitors to easily browse through the images in your gallery without having to leave the page.

    And much more.

    Key Features of Image Gallery by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

    Here is the list of key features that come with the Plus Blocks Image Gallery plugin:

    • Multiple Layout like Grid, Masonry, Carousel: This allows you to showcase your images in various stunning and versatile ways, including Grid, Masonry, and Carousel layouts. With this feature, you can choose the perfect layout to suit your website’s style and content and create a dynamic and engaging user experience for your visitors.
    • Create Image Carousels: The carousel also includes options to control the speed, autoplay, and navigation of the images, giving you complete control over the display of your gallery.
    • Category Wise Filter: As the name suggests, Category Wise Filter allows you to add filters to your gallery, so media appears in different categories. You can also pick from multiple designs for how you want categories to appear in the image gallery block of your website.
    • Lightbox Gallery: The image gallery by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg also supports lightbox features. You can display images in an overlay on top of the webpage so your pictures are always in focus, as shown in the previous section.
    • Give Custom Link & Title to Each Image: Add custom links and titles to each image to provide additional information and context.

    Pricing for Image Gallery by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

    The Image Gallery is a part of the 80+ blocks offered by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg. The price for the complete package starts at $35/year. There is also a “pay-once” lifetime plan starting at $139.

    2. Final Tiles Grid Gallery

    Final Tiles Grid Gallery is the perfect gallery plugin if you are a beginner website developer.

    Whether you have to showcase product images and screenshots or you want to create a video gallery, the plugin will let you design some of the best galleries without hassle.

    You can pick from two types of layouts – gallery with same-size or same-width images. Final Tiles Grid Gallery does not crop pictures, and each image has a tile of its own.

    Besides, you can add captions, links, hover effects, and more to your gallery.

    Key Features of Final Tiles Grid Gallery

    • Multiple Layouts: You can choose between tiles and column layouts to display images using the Final Tiles Gallery plugin.
    • Customization Options: The image gallery plugin allows you to tweak the size of images, add margins between photos, and sort them randomly or manually.
    • Pro Functionalities: You can select between seven lightbox effects and add elements like captions, hover effects, etc.
    • Integrations: The plugin has support to display WooCommerce product images and allows social media sharing from your gallery.

    Pricing of Final Tiles Grid Gallery

    The Final Tiles WordPress Image Gallery plugin has a free version, and an upgrade for $39.99/year is also available.

    3. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

    The next plugin on the list is Photo Gallery by Supsystic. Using this plugin’s prebuilt templates, you can create unlimited galleries.

    You can also pick from multiple gallery types and customize the look and feel of each gallery as per your needs.

    Supsystic is a freemium gallery plugin that comes with both free and paid versions.

    So, if you are a small business or want to showcase your images, you can create decent galleries without upgrading to the premium version.

    Key Features of Photo Gallery by Supsystic

    • Bulk Import Images: The biggest feature of this plugin is that you can import images and videos via FTP or social media platforms in bulk.
    • Multi-language Support: You can translate the content of your gallery created using the Photo Gallery by Supsystic into multiple languages.
    • Customizations: The plugin supports customizations like captions, titles, buttons, animations, etc. You can also change the fonts and colors used in the gallery.
    • Image Optimizations: The plugin comes with built-in image optimizations. For instance, every new image is compressed to reduce its size without degrading the quality.
    • Ready for Mobile: All galleries you create using this plugin are optimized for mobile devices.

    Pricing of Photo Gallery by Supsystic

    Supsystic’s WordPress gallery plugin is free to use. But to access advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium plugin starting at $49/year.

    4. Photo Gallery by 10Web

    Photo Gallery by 10Web allows you to create galleries without going through confusing menus, tweaking every feature, etc. Instead, you can use a drag-and-drop interface to put together a fully functional gallery in no time.

    The Photo Gallery by 10Web is free, and you can upgrade to the pro version to access additional features.

    However, the free version alone includes features like multiple formats, file manager, watermarks, thumbnail galleries, etc., which is more than enough to create attractive galleries.

    Key Features of Photo Gallery by 10Web

    • Multiple Gallery Templates: With the 10Web gallery plugin, you can create different types of galleries, including slideshow, masonry layout, and filmstrip. You can also customize the colors and image sizes per your needs.
    • Image Protection Features: The plugin offers features like watermarking and right-click protection to prevent digital downloads.
    • Content Embedding: You can use the gallery by the 10Web Photo Gallery plugin to create a gallery of embedded videos. You can also display albums from Facebook.
    • E-commerce Integration: The gallery by 10Web is perfect if you plan to sell digital products due availability of e-commerce addons.

    Pricing of Photo Gallery by 10Web

    The premium Photo Gallery plugin by 10Web for a single-site license is available for download at $30.

    5. Modula Image Gallery

    The next WordPress gallery plugin is Modula Image Gallery, known for its user-friendly design. You can create galleries using prebuilt designs or switch to custom grids to modify how your gallery looks and operates.

    While the free version of Modula Image Gallery lets you apply basic customizations on your galleries, upgrading to the pro version gives you access to advanced features like a lightbox gallery, filters, sliders, slideshows, and more.

    Key Features of Modula Gallery

    • Customizable Features: Modula allows you to create custom grids with the ability to resize images, add animations, filters, and sliders, and tweak other options. You can also pick from different prebuilt gallery layouts like masonry and square grids or use the built-in lightbox gallery.
    • Premium Extensions: You can use extensions to add new functionalities to Modula, like social sharing buttons, watermarks, right-click protection, image compression, video galleries, and more.
    • Custom Shortcodes: The custom shortcode feature of Modula allows you to add galleries anywhere on your website, including blogs, footers, etc.

    Pricing of Modula Image Gallery

    The pro version of the Modula Image Gallery plugin starts at $39 (single site) and goes up to $99 (up to 5 sites).

    6. Robo Gallery Plugin

    Robo Gallery is the last plugin to feature in our list of best image gallery plugins for WordPress. It packs all the necessary features to create functional image galleries. However, Robo Gallery specializes in publication-ready website galleries.

    You do not need to heavily customize the Image Gallery created using the Robo plugin to get decent results. Just install the plugin, upload your images, and add the gallery block on a webpage. However, if you want to control the design of your gallery, you can upgrade to the premium Robo Image gallery.

    Key Features of Robo Gallery Plugin

    • Tons of Customizations: The Robo Gallery allows you to customize your gallery items using fade effects, hover effects, color selectors, fonts, borders, shadows, and more.
    • Site Performance Optimizations: The gallery plugin uses advanced caching and lazy loading to ensure images have faster load times.
    • Automatic Image Cropping: The plugin automatically crops and resizes the gallery images to fit the gallery layout.
    • Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery: Galleries created using the Robo Gallery plugin are optimized for devices with different screen sizes, including smartphones.

    Pricing of Robo Gallery Plugin

    You can access the premium Robo Image Gallery plugin with a single-time payment of $30.

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      Which Is the Best Image Gallery Plugin for WordPress?

      Now that we have seen all six best gallery plugins for WordPress, you must wonder which one you should pick for your website. If you ask us, there is no “the best” regarding WordPress plugins, but you can find the right gallery plugin by weighing your needs and wants.

      To decide what features you would like to see in a photo gallery for WordPress, ask yourself these questions:

      • Do you want advanced customizations or an easy-to-create and publication-ready gallery plugin?
      • Do you want to showcase simple images or use the gallery to display products?
      • Whether you are selling physical or digital products?
      • Do you need multiple types of galleries on my website?
      • Should you add social sharing buttons on your gallery?
      • Will the images in your WordPress gallery be safe from piracy?

      These questions will help you filter the right gallery plugin from the crowd for your website. While you are at it, we recommend checking out the Image Gallery by The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

      The plugin lets you create layouts like Grid, Masonry, Metro, and Carousel. Above all, this block addon comes with 80+ more unique block plugins, which can replace multiple plugins for you.

      FAQs on Photo Image Gallery WordPress Plugins

      How to choose the best WordPress photo image gallery plugin for my website?

      When choosing the best WordPress photo image gallery plugin, individuals should look for one that offers customizable layouts, lightbox and zoom effects, filters, sorting, and responsive design. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Gallery block provides all of these features and more, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to showcase their images in a visually appealing and engaging way on their WordPress website. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features make it the perfect choice for photographers, artists, and businesses looking to create stunning and dynamic image galleries.

      What are the key features to look for in a WordPress photo image gallery plugin?

      A good WordPress photo image gallery plugin should offer multiple layout options, customization options, lightbox and zoom effects, filters, and sorting options, and be responsive. The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Gallery block includes all of these key features and more, making it the perfect solution for creating stunning and dynamic image galleries on your WordPress website.

      Are there any free WordPress photo image gallery plugins that are worth using?

      Although free plugins do not offer enhanced customization control over your gallery design, you can use one if you want a basic gallery. If you want a free plugin with basic functionalities, you can try gallery plugins from 10Web or Supsystic. But if you’re considering a featured packed on the can, check out The Plus Blocks’ Image Gallery block.

      How can I add Custom Links to each Photo in the WordPress Image Gallery?

      The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg Gallery block offers a simple solution for adding custom links to each photo in your image gallery. By uploading your images in a repeater format, you can easily add custom titles, links, and captions to each individual image. Then, you can customize the links by editing the individual images within the gallery block.